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This product has been dis-continued by NextLevel Software.

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Main Screen - In the Audio Editor Gold main screen you can see a ribbon of important buttons (New, Open, Save etc.) while the main central area is dedicated to the waveform's dual channel view and some waveform browsing buttons in the bottom area.

File List - From the View menu's ribbon you can access some features like File List, Effect List, Mark List, Play Meters and many others. For example, the File List window shows you the recentlu used files and the ones you marked as favorites.

Effect List - Also from the View mode you can access the Effects list and browse through the effects categories in order to choose the one you need for your audio editing task.

Effect: Amplify - An example effect is Amplify. To adjust the amplification mode you can either choose from a list of presets, or you can manually change the Left and Right channel amplification by yourself.

Filters - The Filters ribbon shows you the available filters that you can apply to a selected area from your waveform. These are Notch, Band, Low and High Pass, Low and High Shelf, Peak EQ and Graphic EQ or FFT filter. Clicking on each of them will open their corresponding windows.

Noise Reduction - The separate menu for Noise Reduction has a couple of features like Voice Breath noise reduction or Expander. Again, you can use presets or manually change the Treshold, Expander Rate or RMS time in orfer to reduce noise in your audio file.

Generate: Add Noise - In the Generate menu you can Add Noise to your audio selection by adjusting the amplitude in dB, choosing the position where to add it and also the type of noise to be applied.

Settings - Audio Editor Gold has some detailed settings structured by General, System, Transform and Device. In the General settings tab you can enable some features like Redo/Undo, Snap to Time, Time Recording, Hints, Mark bars or Rate and Channels parameters.

Output Format Settings - When deciding to export your final audio file you can choose from a multitude of output audio formats that Audio Editor Gold allows, like Wav, MP3, Wma, Ogg, Mp2, Vox, Raw and many others.

Effects List - A detailed list of Effects that you can use to edit your audio files helps you browse through many options like Delay effects, Filters, Time/Pitch, Noise Reduction or Generative effects and many others.

Record - Apart from allowing editing options, Audio Editor Gold also lets you record sound with cusom settings already preset, like Record Type, Visualization Mode, Monitor recording level and Audio Configuration.

Stretch Time - Another feature for editing your audio files is Stretch Time which lets you choose from presets or manually adjust the resample rate in percents.

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