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This product has been dis-continued by MightSoft.

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Main Screen - Audio Editor Pro has a sleek work space organized by a ribbon top menu with all features and options included. When recording a new sound you will see an extensive list of effects at right, but also many other useful buttons.

Waveform - The waveform has a an intuitive design, allowing you to easily make use of large control buttons in the bottom area of the screen.

Selection Effects - When you make a selection on the waveform you can expand some of the effects you wish to apply and adjust them on the spot without opening separate windows for each effect. Here you can see a simultaneous editing for Echo, Vibrato and Amplify effects.

Spectral View - From the View mode in the main menu you can change the color scheme of Audio Editor Pro (here it is switched from blue to black) and you may also choose to switch the viewing mode from wavefrom to spectral.

Batch Converter - Audio Editor Pro has an extra feature that allows batch conversion for multiple audio files. For example you can choose a list of wma files from your computer and convert them to mp3 all at once.

Amplify - For a selected part of the audio waveform you can adjust each effect in the right sidebar. Here you can see how easily the Amplify effect can be adjusted.

Customize - In the Customize window you can add individual commands to the ribbon menu. This can be very useful in case you are using some particular effects or commands very often and need to access them quickly.

Information - Another feature that Audio Editor Pro has is the Information tool, which lets you customize specific metadata information like Title, Album, Artist, Composer, Genre, Year, Copyright and Description for every audio file you work on.

Reverb - This is how the Reverb effect can be applied and adjusted for a specific selection on the waveform. You can adjust details like Delay, Mix Depth, Feedback Gain and Reverberation Rate.

Vibrato - For the Vibrato effect you can adjust the Sweep Depth, Sween Phase and Sweep Frequency and as you can see the waveform preview is different for this effect.

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