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Blaze Media Pro
Developed by: Mystik Media
Ranked: 6th
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Best price: $50.00

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Main Screen - The main screen of Blaze Media Pro consists of a Playback zone, a Playlist zone and a Tools area. From here you can access and edit your audio and video files.

Audio Converter - The Audio Converter allows you to convert various audio file types like Mp3, Ogg, Wav, Aac and many others. You can also select here the converted file's Frequency, Channels and Output Settings.

Audio Editor - The Audio Editor presents a toolbar with various editing options (Copy, Paste, Mix, Zoom In and Out, Amplify - Increase, Amplify - Decrease, Fade In and Out, Insert Silence, Remove Silence, Echo, Chorus and others), two waveform areas (Left and Right Channels) and menus for selecting the input device and channels.

Audio Editor: Command Menu - The Command Menu in the Audio Editor includes Play (Play, Stop, Record), Amplify, Fade In/Out options, Filters and commands such as Distortion, Compressor, Echo, Resample, Reverb, Silence, Tempo and others.

Conversions - The Conversions menu in Blaze Media Pro allows for burning commands to be performed and for conversions of audio and video to be operated.

Audio Tag Editor - The Audio Tag Editor allows for ID3 Tag Information to be edited (Artist, Title, Album, Year, Genre, Comments).

Video Editor - The Video Editor dialog box presents a toolbar with various editing tools and displays data such as Current Position, Time Remaining, Current Frame and others that are useful during the editing process.

Video Editor: Aging Effect - The Aging Effect dialog box that can be accessed from the Video Editor allows for fine details of the effect to be adjusted (channels for Old Film Colors to be applied to, number and height of scratches to be selected, dust and pit density and color to be adjusted).

Video Converter - The Video Converter in Blaze Media Pro allows for video conversions to be made by simply adding the video files of interest to a conversion list and selecting the wanted output format.

Video Constructor - The Video Constructor allows for selected images to be combined as frames, so that a new video be created in the destination format.

Audio Editor Setup - The Audio Editor Setup dialog box allows for adjustments to be made where color configuration, visualization and visibility are concerned.

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