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This product has been dis-continued by Cool Audio.

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Welcome Screen - Magic Audio Editor opens with a colored welcome screen that invites you to Create a new file, Open an existing one or Record direclty from your sound card. You can opt not to see this screen every time.

Work Space - While the central area of the work space is occupied by the audio waveform, the top part includes plenty of small buttons that correspond to all the audio editing features provided by Magic Audio Editor.

Record - Clicking the Record button opens this window that shows a live preview of the right and left channels. Here is where you can configure, record and save the audio file that you want to further edit in Magic Audio Editor.

Properties - From the Properties window you may edit System, Transform and Recording properties that relate to Accu Control, Auto Gain Control, Vizualisation Type and Filters. You may also switch all these settings to default at any time.

Edit Channel - Magic Audio Editor allows you to edit either individual or both channels. From the Edit menu you can also make use of the Selection Tool or apply actions like Convert Sample Type or Add Current Selection to Cue List.

Filters - From the Effect menu you can choose effects by category, like Amplitude, Delay Effects, Filters or Time/Pitch. For example, in the Filters category you can find effects like: Notch Filter, Band, Low and High Pass, Low and High Shelf or Peak EQ Filter.

Spectral Mode - Magic Audio Editor also allows a Spectral Mode view option which changes color to the selected waveform and allows you to see the recorded content in a different mode.

Frequency Analysis - The Frequency Analysis feature shows a comprehensive view of Frequency and Value and lets you analyze details by FFT Size, Window and View Type.

Pitch Shift - From the Pitch Shift effect's window you can adjust the Pitch of the audio selection according to a preset or you can manually change the percentage of the Frequency change rate.

Chorus - Magic Audio Editor lets you adjust the Chorus effect by editing items like Delay Time, Sweep Phase, Mix Depth, Feedback Gain Sweep Depth or Sweep Rate.

Insert Silence - In the process of editing your audio file you can also use this feature for inserting Silence in between selections, either by using presets or by manually entering the duration.

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