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MAGIX Music Maker 2019 Plus
Developed by: MAGIX
Ranked: 3rd
Overall rating:
Best price: $59.99

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Main screen - MAGIX Music Maker opens with a friendly interface that lets you record multiple instruments and audio tracks on layers. The control buttons and the timeline are centered on screen, while in the bottom area you can access various tools and effects.

Audio Recording - Recording is easy to handle through this 3 steps process. You can choose the Audio Drive for recording, the output type and quality, but also mix the volume by left and right channels.

Soundpools - Once you have a recorded track on a layer you can work with Styles and Instruments in the bottom toolbar, either to edit or to arrange your content for the piece.

Keys - For each instrument in the list you can add and edit styles. They have individual colors and can be identified by filename, BPM and length. The sounds in the lower area can be easily dragged and repositioned above.

Options - Clicking on the Effects icon will let you select from a list of instruments that you can apply to the selected track, like Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, but also move the track across the existing layers.

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