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NGWave 5.0 Audio Editor
Developed by: Next Generation Software
Ranked: 7th
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Best price: $29.95

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Main Screen - The Main Screen of NGWave presents the menu bar, toolbars and a display of the left and the right channels for the selected audio file. Various tools for musicians are also available.

Recording - The Recording window has four tabs: Options, Recording Mixer, Playback Mixer and Metronome, as well as a useful toolbar.

View Menu - From the View Menu in NGWave you can switch between viewing modes and also save or load already customized views.

Amplitude Menu - The Amplitude Menu allows for selections to be muted, for Fade In/Out processing to be performed or inversions to be made.

Process Menu - The Process Menu in NGWave includes Filters, Echoes, Effects, Dynamics, Time and Pitch, a Tone Generator and a Reverse option.

Program Options - To edit settings and make changes for various categories, you can use NGWave Audio Editor's Program Options dialog box.

Graphical Fade - Fade can be viewed and adjusted graphically, with Presets being made available and also a Preview of the results to be checked after modifications have been made.

Distortion - The Distortion dialog box displays the Distortion Curve and permits for certain adjustments to be made.

Flanger - NGWave Audio Editor also allows you to adjust Flanger settings from the Flanger dialog box.

Noise Reduction - The Noise Reduction window allows the position on the Frequency,Threshold, Attenuate and Fade Out scales to be adjusted.

Compressor/Limiter - Compressor Settings can be adjusted from the Compressor/Limiter window and a preview can then be checked so that the results be heard.

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