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Sound Forge Audio Studio
Developed by: MAGIX
Ranked: 5th
Overall rating:
Best price: $59.99

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Welcome Screen - Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio opens with this welcome screen that provides shortcuts to tutorials for using the program's features. You can choose not to see this screen on Startup.

Work space - In the workspace you can see a two channel view of the recorded material you are working with. Main audio controls are located on the top toolbar and you can customize the colors and waveform format to adjust it to your needs.

Process - In the main menu you can choose from a large variety of processes to use in editing sound. These can be Bit Depth Converter, DC Offset, Fade, Invert, Mute, Normalize, Resample, Reverse, Time Stretch, Volume and others.

Effects - The Effects menu lets you browse through audio effects like Amplitude Modulation, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Reverb and many more.

Tools - Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio has a couple of interesting tools like Burn Audio Disk, Audio Restoration, Vinyl Recording and Restoration and Vocal Eraser.

Options - Here you can see a wide list of options to configure like Status Format, Channel Meters, Time Display, Grid Lines, Snapping or Drag and Drop editing.

Preferences: Display - The Preferences window has multiple tabs: General, Display, Audio, Video, File Types, Preview, Status and Toolbars. In the Display tab you can adjust the sound file or video strip window length, the normal zoom ratio, and also the colors and theme for the workspace.

Preferences: General - In the General preferences tab you can enable or disable options like confirmations and prompting for various changes, allowance for file size or floating windows, but also the number of recently used files to track and the temporary files and record folder.

Sony Resonant Filter - The Sony Resonant filter lets you change the frequency, resonance, wet/dry percentage as well as the filter type and order. You may use already configured presets or define your own.

Pitch Bend - This effect allows you to make changes to Range and Semitones while preserving original duration, but also choose the Bypass option or the wave preview type.

Vinyl Recording and Restoration Tool - This extra tool helps you restore vinyl recorded tracks in a couple of steps. Once the Track Detection is done you can adjust the start times by dragging the markers.

Splash Screen - Each time Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio starts you can see this red splash screen while the program loads.

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