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Review summary

Good points Yendo  review good points

• Manage invoices, reports & cash flow

• Create budgets based on spending trends

• Bulk email capabilities

• Simple, clean and easy to use

Bad points Yendo  review bad points

• Few integrations

• No inventory or payroll management systems

Our verdict

Yendo is an accounting software package that also includes features like bulk email and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. In this way it's more of a full sales cycle software, taking you from initial enquiries through invoicing, payments, and follow-up newsletter emails. Yendo is a good choice for sales-based small businesses and anyone needing a basic integrated CRM system.

Full review

Yendo is made up of five different price plans, with Solo the cheapest where you can have one user, one company, 500 bulk emails a month, leading up through Standard, Premium, Enterprise and Enterprise+. The number of users goes up with each plan, providing for unlimited users with the most expensive option, and you can also send 20,000 bulk emails and have unlimited companies linked to the accounts with Enterprise+ The Yendo accounts package is accessible via smartphone or iPad, and through PC connected to the internet. A free 30-day trial is available for each of the different plans.

Invoices & Billing

Easily create invoices with the Yendo software using customizable branded templates (you can add your own logo and payment terms), send them by email to customers, or save them as PDFs to mail or store. You can also track overdue invoices using the reports features within the invoicing tool and send invoice reminders. There are also features to track payments from customers and find out which are your best customers and which are the non-payers. Invoices can be set to recur weekly, monthly, or annually.


Yendo includes a decent expenses management tool for recording purchases against each staff member and you can then create your expense reports for analysis and payment completion. You can configure the software to link with your bank and import data automatically every day. There’s no direct way to store photos of your paper receipts within the system.

Time tracking

No time tracking features available with this software package.


Your reports can be exported in PDF or as an excel spreadsheet. These reports include profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance, nominal ledger, sales, and purchases. In addition, useful tools include the ability to create annual and monthly budgets then set these budgets against your actual sales and expenditure so you can measure how well you are performing against expectations. Handle sales tax too, with detailed reports covering multiple tax codes. And manage deprecation of fixed assets with advanced management reports.


Access Yendo from any device – mobile, PC, tablet etc. The accounting package is available via the cloud so it is a convenient system for mobile workforces and teams that are spread out over more than one location.

Sharing & Integration

Yendo has useful additions for managing a sales team and customer relations. As part of the wider staff and customer management tools included within the Yendo package you can assign each sales invoice to one sales rep, and then track sales figures by rep. As part of the customer relationship management features you can send out bulk email newsletters or mailings direct from the Yendo software – starting at 500 emails per month with the basic package.

You can share access to Yendo with your accountant so you can both work on reports and forecasting.

Ease of use

Yendo is easy to use, with a clear interface and straightforward processes. All of the options are available from the main screen, using tabs which give you the different features for each task. We didn’t have many problems understanding which tools did what, and how to carry out basic tasks.

Help & support

Support is not overly forthcoming from Yendo. Yendo has a support help page on its website but we struggled to access it as pages failed to open on numerous occasions. You can email a support address but there is no dedicated support helpline or many other resources to help you manage the program.


Yendo is a good choice for people managing sales and services. With its built-in customer relationship management features, it’s a good all-round choice for small businesses with a sales force.

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