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Learn how to become a better buyer & seller on eBay.


1. Be a little skeptical about feedback

The feedback system, is the key reason behind eBay's success. It allows you to get an idea of how reliable the seller has been in the past. The system is very useful, but you should watch out for sellers who have sold a number of smaller items to build up their feedback rating. We recommend that you purchase only from sellers who have over 98% feedback and have sold more than 25 items.

2. Snipe your item

In the world of online auctions, sniping means entering a winning bid at the very last second to get a low sale price. Bidding at the last minute means that the competition can't react in time. There are automated online systems that will do this for you for a small fee.

3. Check the going rate

You might end up wondering if you have over paid for an item. You can avoid this dilemma by searching for the going rate. Look for similar items using the search box and check the completed items box. This will show you similar items sold on eBay and the price they went for.

4. Research outside of eBay

You should also check the going rate outside of eBay, as its not always the cheapest way to purchase goods. Remember that if your bidding for items, your giving the buyer the best possible competitive market price. Look on shopping comparison websites to see if you can find the item cheaper elsewhere.

5. Ask a question

Send the buyer a question a question about the product. If they are responsive and helpful then it shows they care about your business. If they don't reply, then they aren't really that bothered.

6. Don't pay extra to use PayPal

Some sellers ask that you pay an extra 4% if you plan to pay using PayPal. You should always refuse as its against Bays rules.


1. Accept different types of payment

Restricting your users to just PayPal as a form of payment will loose you some potential buyers. By adding cheques and postal orders you could potentially bring in another 10% of business.

2. Spelling mistakes will cost you

Most buyers on eBay will search for their desired items, rather than move through the websites site navigation. This means that if you miss spell the name of your product you may well be missing out of lots of valuable business.

3. Respond to negative feedback

Receiving negative feedback can upsetting, particularly if you felt that it wasn't your fault. Rather than feel angry or upset, respond immediately and you can turn the situation into a positive one. Some sellers have actually seen a boost in business, because they have responded well to negative feedback. People accept that mistakes are made, how you respond is how they will judge you.

4. Include a promotional flyer

When you send the buyer their items in the post, don't forget to include promotional flyer. This is a great way to promote your eBay or online business further with little expense. You may well just discover that your selling other products that your buyer needs.

5. Be realistic

There are plenty of stories of people who have made their fortune selling items on eBay. But for most sellers, it can be hard work in a competitive and often over saturated market. However don't be discouraged, there are plenty of financial and lifestyle rewards. What is better than being your own boss.

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