Is DVD burning legal?

Backing up your own dvd is not illegally.

DVD burning technology is becoming more and more advanced. However, before you proceed with the burning of your favorite home movies and films, it pays to know whether or not DVD burning is legal. This way, you can protect yourself from some sticky legal situations.

The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) states that it is illegal to break the copy protection on commercial DVDs. Thus, if you break this mechanism, you would then be in violation of the Act. To go around anti-piracy technology means that you are breaking the law. However, at no point does this Act or any other law state that burning DVDs is illegal. In fact, you can definitely do this! You just need to make sure that you are using reputable burning software and that you are not breaking or trying to manipulate anti-piracy technology or mechanisms.

However, you should know that there are some DVDs that you are allowed to burn. Basically, current laws and practices state that people can not burn commercial DVDs, even if it's just to back up the film. However, this doesn't mean that you can't burn copies of your own films or of your home movies. For example, you can use DVD burning software to help you transfer your home movies from VHS-formats to DVD-formats. If this is your plan, take the time to research the software in which you invest: You want to make sure that you purchase reputable and reliable DVD-burning software.

There are many DVD-burning software options from which to choose, but you want to be sure that they are reputable. There are some programs and software options out there that are focused on getting around anti-piracy laws. If you want to keep yourself safe, you should try to invest in respected software aimed at helping you burn legal copies of DVDs. And of course, there are a lot of programs out there that are full of malware and sypware. Thus, be sure to research programs and software options before you decide on any one product.

If you take the time to research DVD burning software or programs, you can be sure that you do not become involved in a legal situation. Often, if a program or software is suspected of acting unethically or encouraging pirating of films and information, not only will the creators face legal action but so too will the users who invest in and use the technology. Read technology-focused websites and magazines when researching DVD burning software. This way, you can be sure to invest in software that helps you back up and restore your home movies without having to fear legal action.

The world is changing because of advances in technology: everything is becoming digitalized. Because of this, it is easier to do everything from download music to make and burn your own movies. If you invest in reputable DVD burning software and take the time to know the law, you can protect yourself and burn copies of your favorite home movies too!

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