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Transfer your iTunes library to another computer

There are plenty of ways to transfer your iTunes library to another computer.

You've been building up your iTunes library and now you want to move it to another computer.

There are a few ways you can move your music which we discuss below:

1. Transfer music to your iPod

This is probably the quickest way to transfer your music, because its highly likely that the vast majority of the music you have is stored on your iPod. However, this may not be an option for you if you have a library that is too big to store on your iPod.

Using your USB cable (that comes with your iPod) connect your iPod to your PC.

2. Back-up to disc

3. Back-up to removable media

If you have a USB stick, external hard-drive or another form of removable media you can always company your music across this way. Remember its always a good idea to backup your iTunes library (and other valuable data stored on your computer) in case you lose your music.

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