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GuardedID Premium Review

GuardedID Premium
Developed by: StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.
Ranked: 4th
Overall rating:
Best price: $29.99

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Review summary

Good points GuardedID Premium review good points

• Unobtrusive protection

• Effective keystroke encryption when using browsers

• Anti-clickjacking technology

Bad points GuardedID Premium review bad points

• Keystroke protection only – no advanced security tools

Our verdict

GuardedID Premium offers full-service keystroke protection against attackers. GuardedID encrypts every one of your keystrokes before they reach the browser so you can be sure that your system is safe from keylogger attack. However, this program doesn’t block other threats such as microphone or webcam takeover.

Full review

GuardedID is developed by StrikeForce Technologies, a US company specializing in protection against online identity theft. The GuardedID Premium software setup provides efficient, robust protection against keylogger threat. While this product focuses on keystroke encryption and nothing else, is it worth the money? We took a closer look.


GuardedID Premium protects you when you use most Windows applications including browsers, Office applications, online banking, and instant messaging programs. This anti-keylogger software encrypts keystrokes and uses behavioral-based blocking tactics to keep you safe. When GuardedID detects that you are about to enter details in a login box or an online form, the encryptor automatically turns on and your keystrokes are made illegible to any keyloggers that may have already accessed your system. Therefore, GuardedID is always “on”, always offering protection against keylogger threat. You don’t need to remember to turn it on, or to run updates.

The system may be robust but we would like to see extra protection against things like keyloggers taking over your microphone or webcam, taking the contents of clipboards, and downloading your IM conversations. However, there is one feature here that not all anti-keylogger software includes – anti-clickjack protection. Clickjacking is where intruders trick you into clicking on a malicious link that is disguised as a regular button or check box. The malicious links could be overlaid onto an existing legitimate site, or hidden because they are surrounded by legitimate content. GuardedID detects the presence of clickjacking and highlights elements on the page by drawing a red box around them.

Ease of use

We found GuardedID reasonably easy to use. On a page where you have input fields and text areas, GuardedID highlights them green to show that the protection is working. This isn’t entirely necessary because you know, because you installed the software, that there is protection, so sometimes when a green box doesn’t appear because of the page configurations you can become unnecessarily paranoid. Otherwise, the anti-keylogger protection is unobtrusive and doesn’t slow down the computer. If the GuardedID system is every modified or something changes, you are alerted with a message telling you of the problem.

Help & support

GuardedID has a long list of frequently asked questions on the website, as well as an install guide for the program. Or you can email tech support or call the support center in the US. Tech support is available weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm, US Eastern Time.


GuardedID is designed to run alongside anti-virus programs to give the added layer of protection you need for secure data and personal information. It doesn’t include protection for your microphone or webcam and other hardware, but it does a good job at stopping keyloggers reading what you input online.

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Ratings breakdown

 received a rating of 3 for Overall
 received a rating of 4 for Detection
 received a rating of 3 for Protection
 received a rating of 2 for Effectiveness
Ease of use
 received a rating of 4 for Ease of use
Help & support
 received a rating of 3 for Help & support