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Good points Privacy Keyboard review good points

• Protection against known and unknown keylogger threats

• Virtual keyboard

• Simple to use

Bad points Privacy Keyboard review bad points

• Not much in the way of customer support

Our verdict

The protection offered by Privacy Keyboard is ideal for computer owners needing reliable, well-covered security protection against the threat of keyloggers. Privacy Keyboard works to protect against known and unknown threats, and includes a virtual keyboard for inputting financial information and other sensitive data.

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The Privacy Keyboard software is ultimately owned and operated by which, interestingly enough, also makes a range of stealth keylogger software packages for anyone wanting to monitor what their kids, spouse, or colleagues are doing online. But if you are more interested in blocking keyloggers than becoming one, this software helps you out.


Privacy Keyboard is one step ahead of any spyware installed on your PC, or any threats that may be on the horizon. The software guards against the interception of your data by keyloggers immediately on set-up, and it works all the time in the background in order to maintain levels of protection. The Privacy Keyboard software uses heuristic analysis in order to monitor the behavior of keyloggers and protect against even those forms of attacks that have not yet been unleashed.

As well as keystroke encryption, Privacy Keyboard provides a virtual keyboard you can use when inputting passwords, credit card details, banking IDs etc. A virtual keyboard allows for the ultimate protection against different forms of keylogger attack. In addition, added protection in the form of defense against clipboard capture, windows text capture, and active window screenshot capture helps keep your data secure.

Ease of use

Privacy Keyboard is easy to operate as there is not a lot you need to do in order to run the program; it operates in the background and you don’t get pop ups or other alerts unless something is wrong (you can also disable these notifications completely). The program is small, and it doesn’t take up valuable space on your PC. The system is also safe and easy to operate as it focuses on blocking a threat before it hits, rather than spending time and resources on cleaning up after an attack.

Help & support

For post-sale support you need to click through onto the parent support site, which has a whole list of different security products. When we clicked on the Privacy Keyboard link, the server was not found, which doesn't give us much hope that an email will be answered in the 12 to 24 hours the site promises.


We think that the overall level of protection you get from Privacy Keyboard is enough to safeguard your keyboard inputs from keyloggers, although there are fewer features in this software package than in others. You don’t, for example, get protection for your webcam and there are limited personal configuration options. However, with clipboard protection and active keystroke encryption, this package is nevertheless worth exploring.

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