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ChoiceMail Review


Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: DigiPortal Software
Ranked: 4th
Overall rating:
Price: $29.95

Review summary

Good points

 Effectively protects users against spam

 Protects users from phishing attacks and viruses

 Features an easy-to-use interface

 Supports the majority of e-mail clients

Bad points

 No phone support option

 Senders must verify themselves on the ChoiceMail website

Our verdict

ChoiceMail One is a popular anti-spam filter that provides users with effective protection from spam and malware by using filters that can work on most e-mail clients.

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Downloading and installing ChoiceMail One is a fairly straight forward process. It is designed to be a quick and easy installation procedure for both new and experienced users. Once it is installed it sets up a preliminary whitelist and blacklist of senders from your e-mail address book, in other words it categorizes your email messages in separate folders depending on whether they are from an approved sender or a rejected sender.


ChoiceMail One is compatible with the majority of POP3 email clients, including: Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla, Netscape and Thunderbird. Also, it supports a range of online email services, such as: Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. It is important to note that the software does not support IMAP mail, so to access any webmail service you must view it through a POP3 client.


By using a purely whitelist and blacklist based filter for blocking spam, ChoiceMail provides the user with full control over which senders are placed in the rejected list and which are placed in the approved list. Upon installation, ChoiceMail One extracts e-mails from your email service and automatically filters your messages into the whitelist and blacklist folders. All messages received from an approved sender are directed your main inbox while the rejected senders are automatically placed in the trash folder. Any messages from unknown senders are placed in a quarantine folder until the sender is verified.


Our tests show that ChoiceMail One effectively detected the majority of incoming spam, which makes it highly useful software for protecting yourself against any malware contained in spam emails. The software effectively protects the user from a range of malware, including: viruses, keyloggers and phishing attacks. On the downside, the spam filter does not filter attachments so any infected attachment from an approved sender will not be filtered.

System performance

The software runs very efficiently and does not have any noticeable impact on system performance. It functions without draining system resources with any email client which indicates its efficiency.


Custom Rules - This nifty feature allows you to create custom rules to accept messages with certain keywords, regardless of whether they are in the approved list or not.

Personalized Page - The software provides you with the ability to create a personalized page for senders to see if they are not recognized as an approved sender. You can apply any text or graphics, as well as connect the personalized page to your domain or email address.

Ease of use

ChoiceMail One seamlessly integrates with most email clients which make it very easy to use. Although the software may seem slightly difficult to use at the beginning, once you familiarize yourself with the interface it is very straight forward to use with your preferred email client.

Help & support

Customer support is available through the ChoiceMail website where users can access a database of frequently asked questions, documentation and other user submitted enquiries. Customers can also directly contact a support member by submitting a support ticket. The customer support is quite prompt, but customers could benefit from a phone support option.


ChoiceMail One is an effective spam filter that utilizes a basic whitelist and blacklist system to protect users from spam. In comparison to other spam filter software, this anti-spam program is not quite as efficient as other tools that utilize community-based filtering but it is still useless software for basic users.

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