AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus

This product has been dis-continued by AVG Technologies.

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Main screen - AVG is informing us that our latest virus definitions are not up-to-date. The family safety suite / parental controls are not included with the software, but can be activated for an addition fee.

Anti-virus protection - As well as virus protection, AVG Anti-Virus protects against spyware, trojans and unwanted executable files and libraries. The resident protection shield can be configured to scan for tracking cookies and provide IM & P2P download protection.

Scans - You can scan different devices such your computer, CD / DVD drive, USB flash drives as well as choosing which files or folders you want to scan.

Scan in progress - You can choose to shut down your computer once a scan is complete.

Scan sensitivity - You can select the sensitivity of the scan in progress.

Scan schedules - You can set-up any number of scheduled scans and select your own settings of each. You can select a specific time interval or a day of the week.

LinkScanner - The LinkScanner is designed to protect users from web based threats - mainly through their internet browser. It checks for malicious links within any webpage or internet browser and alerts you if any have been found.

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