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Screenshots for Acoustica Premium 7.2

Acoustica Premium 7.2
Developed by: Acon Digital Media
Ranked: 4th
Overall rating:
Best price: $119.90

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Home screen - This is the home screen that appears when opening Acoustica. From here you can easily create a new recording, a new CD project, Start the Cleansing Wizard or Record content from sound card.

Work space - The workspace shows a two channel view of the recorded sound. You can edit the waveform by clicking, selecting and dragging, and then applying effects.

Recording Console - When recording sound you can see the time counter, adjust the Input level and choose what Line In device will be used for the current recording.

Preferences - Acoustica lets you configure preferences regarding Editing, Dialogs and Message Boxes, but also View, Directories and FreeDB settings. For example, for Editing you can enable drag and drop editing or play from cursor position.

Automatic Track Splitting - This option lets you split tracks automatically by defining the amount of seconds of pause between tracks, the minimum duration of split tracks and the signal level during pauses.

Batch Processing - In Acoustica you can edit multiple audio files at the same time, either working on local files on your computer or importing CD files. In the Source tab you choose which files you are going to batch process, while in the Target tab, you choose the output changes for them.

Apply Transform: Dynamic Processor - The Transform option lets you apply various transformation on the selected waveform. For example, in the Dynamic Processor Settings you can process sound on your own by adjusting the Input and Output dB level. You may also define here the Attack and Release times.

Apply Transform: Time Stretch Settings - For the Time Stretching feature you can set the percentage, duration and tempo of the time stretching you want to apply and you can also select the output for which the resulted piece should be optimized.

Apply Transform: Denoiser Settings - Acoustica 5 also has a Noise Reduction feature that allows you to define the decibels and Frequency of the noise reduction. You may change these settings also by editing the curve.

Apply Transform: Equalizer Settings - In the Parametric Equalizer window you may define a Frequency response based on Gain and Bandwidth.

Apply Transform: Chorus Settings - For the Chorus settings you can adjust many features, like: Modulation depth, Modulation frequency, Feedback, Dry Level and Chorus Level.

Apply Transform: Volume Fade - And finally, for a commonly requested feature in audio editing, the Fade Function in Acoustica 5 lets you define the Volume change curve and the Fading type for both Fade in an Fade out effects.

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