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Screenshots for Dexster Audio Editor

Dexster Audio Editor
Developed by: Softdiv Software
Ranked: 2nd
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Best price: $45.00

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Main screen - Dexster Audio Editor has a full screen display in which you can see a horizontal toolbar at the top and Controls and Effects at right. In the main work space area you can see the wave form of the sound you have imported or recorded, split into horizontally displayed left and right channels.

Effects - In the Effects menu you can choose from a wide variety of effects like Amplify, Fade, Normalize, Delay, Distortion, Pitch and many others.

Extract Audio from CD - One of the tools provided by Dexster Audio Editor is Audio extraction from CDs. Once you've inserted an audio CD you can choose the output format (wave, mp3 or others), but also specific attributes like frequency. You may also extract the content as tracks or by time range.

File Merger - Another tool is File Merger, which allows you to put together a list of audio files from your computer. You can merge these files into a single audio file, change the format and choose a new destination for the combined result.

Extract Audio from Video - Dexster Audio Editor also lets you extract sound from video files. Once you browse for a video from your computer you can define the start and end points and scroll through the video with the help of two preview screens. Once the selection is made and you click on Extract, you'll be taken to the waveform view and be able to save or edit the resulted sound.

Filters - The filters you can apply for audio editing are Band, Low and High Pass, Low and High Shelf, FFT, FIR, Notch and Peak, but also Restoration filters and a detailed Equalizer.

Mix Stereo Channels - This feature lets you define presets related to Stereo Channels functionality. You can cut left or right channels but also define your own parameters for each selection you make on the waveform.

Preferences: Scales - In the Preferences panel you can configure how the horizontal and vertical scales will be displayed within Dexster's interface, what type of border it should have and whether markers should be enabled or not.

Batch File Convert - With this multiple file conversion feature you can easily convert audio files from one format to another. You only need to add the files to the list and choose the output format. The conversion will be done automatically in a batch.

Waveform - You may choose to display the waveform in different formats and colors in order to make editing and selection easier. The effects and controls can also be accessed from the right sidebar, without going to the menu.

Equalizer Filter - To set the Band and Gain for your audio selection this Equalizer lets you make detailed customizations and also choose from preset filters.

Envelope - For any audio selection you can create envelope effects like Bell Curve, Slope In, Smooth Attack, Ends, Fade in and Fade out.

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