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NCH WavePad Masters Edition
Developed by: NCH Software
Ranked: 1st - Best buy
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Main screen - The main workspace is dedicated to waveform preview, while the bottom page shows the timeline and control bar. From the top menu bar you can access Effects, Controls, Tools and other menus.

Waveform preview - This is how the recorded or imported sound can be previewed. In the left side bar you can see shortcuts to common actions, while at the top of the workspace there is a variety of editing tools.

Normalize - One of the effects you can apply for a selected area on the waveform is Normalize, where you can set the percentage of the peak level or choose from a list of presets.

Sound Library - NCH WavePad provides you with an extensive library of sounds that can be used, like Alerts, Ambience, Household, Human, Office or Telephone. You can preview these sounds and download them.

Frequency Analysis - When opening an audio sample you can see a detailed view for analyzing your sample's frequency with this tool.

Bookmark - Along the waveform you can mark as many points as you wish by adding bookmarks which will help you browse more easily through the audio sample when needing to make specific local changes.

Command - Command - A useful feature that helps you work on more files at once is Command, which lets you add a list of commands that would be applied to more files at once.

Format - After you finish editing your sound file, the export options allow you to choose an output file format and also an output folder.

Amplify - NCH WavePad's Amplify effect allows you to set the Gain percent or choose from a list of Presets.

Reverb - For a selected area on the waveform you can also customize the Decay time, Predelay, Diffusion, Wet and Dry signal Gains, and also choose from Presets. Once you've made the necessary changes you can easily preview the modified sound by clicking the Play button in this window.

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