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MyCoupons Review


Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: MyCoupons, LLC
Ranked: 3rd
Overall rating:
Price: Visit website

Review summary

Good points

 Community forum with user-submitted discounts

 Helpful, easy to access information on each coupon and its statistics

 A Better Business Bureau accredited website

 In business for over 15 years

Bad points

 Only has an add-on for Internet Explorer

 Slim selection of local coupons

Our verdict

This site claims to be the first coupon website online and judging by its rich, well-organized content, their claim seems solid. It is the organization, ease-of-use, and wealth of information on its stores and discounts that sets MyCoupons apart from its competitors.

Full review

It is obvious, judging by the sleek organization of their website, that MyCoupons has been in the business for quite some time. Most of the coupon codes have been posted by the site owners, so users can be assured that the discounts are reliable and up-to-date. For each coupon code, there is a wealth of information available through statistics and blogs for that particular store.

It is because of the organization and easy navigation of the MyCoupon site that users can forgive the local and grocery coupon section that is somewhat lacking as compared to other discount sites.


Signup is a simple affair, with only an e-mail address required. The site does not, unfortunately, offer access through established online accounts, such as Google or Facebook. Signing up directly through the site may cause some users worry about spam, but MyCoupons has been in business for a long time and does not have a reputation for spamming its users.


MyCoupons was founded in 1995 to act as a bridge between real world retailers and the growing internet community. For over 15 years since, MyCoupons has been indexing coupons, and now works directly with retailers and affiliate networks to compile deals for its customers. After 15 years in business, MyCoupons claims to have saved its users a total of about $140 million.

MyCoupons focuses primarily on online coupon codes; as a result, their local grocery coupon section is a bit spare. Their coupon codes, however, are extremely reliable. Each coupon code is accompanied by several tabs, allowing the user to pull up statistics on the code, a store blog if available, comments and ratings, as well as numerous other pieces of information that can help an informed consumer make decisions on their purchases.

The eyes of serious shoppers will be caught by the site's Double Deals tab, a new feature to the site that works in partnership with GiftCodes, a sister site to MyCoupons. This feature essentially allows shoppers to double their discounts through certain stores, however, since it is a new feature the list of participating stores is relatively barren.

MyCoupons has a large community forum where the majority of its user-submitted coupons can be found.


Searches can be performed through most subjects across the board. Store specific searches work for both large retailers and small specialty stores; both return myriad results, indicating that MyCoupons has something for just about everyone. The search function is exceptionally effective on this site, taking shoppers to item specific deals for just about any product.


MyCoupons offers a free download of their feature-rich toolbar, though at this time the program only works with Internet Explorer. The site is still in the process of developing the toolbar for other operating systems and browsers, which puts them slightly behind other coupon sites in terms of notification programs. In the meantime, the site maintains its presence on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, as well as sending out a weekly newsletter with the latest deals.

Ease of use

MyCoupons is an extremely well organized site, their focus being on maximum savings for their customers rather than advertising. Instead of packing the website with too many categories, stores and lists, they have created an intuitive layout that is easy to browse from the start. As with any coupon site, the search bar is the easiest tool to use in order to find specific deals and stores, but casual browsers will find MyCoupons a very clear site.

Help & support

An FAQ page is available for basic questions, but further inquiries are process through an online form. Most questions are answered with in hours, and certainly same day. For first time users, MyCoupons offers an online video as a tutorial on how to use coupons codes. This is an extremely helpful feature that anyone unfamiliar with coupon codes should use.


MyCoupons long experience in the business has helped to create a site that is well-organized, easy to use, and packed full of reliable discounts. The site has been compiling coupons online for 15 years, and it shows in the variety of deals that can be found for just about any store. Furthermore, the well-organized site can prove to offer more comfortable.

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