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Cypherix Cryptainer PE Review

Cypherix Cryptainer PE
Developed by: Cypherix
Ranked: 7th
Overall rating:
Best price: $29.95

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Review summary

Good points Cypherix Cryptainer PE review good points

• Strong encryption algorithm

• Simple & quick to use

• Securely send email files

Bad points Cypherix Cryptainer PE review bad points

• No digital file shredder

Our verdict

Cryptainer PE is very easy to use. With limited extra features and customization it is more basic than others, but still protects files effectively.

Full review

Cypherix focuses on data encryption and security, bringing you this easy to use package for file protection. We looked at what’s included in the Cryptainer PE program.


Cypherix Cryptainer PE gives you a separate, simple solution for encrypted files – an encrypted vault (or multiple vaults) that contain your data and keep it safe. You drag and drop any file into the vault – which is a separate drive just like the C or D drive on your computer – and it is automatically encrypted. When you want to work with files within the encrypted drive you enter using your password; at other times, the files remain hidden. The program works using Blowfish 448 bit encryption to keep all kinds of files and documents secure. It also protects USB drives and other removable drives. if you want to work with Cryptainer on a number of different computers or devices, you can install one copy on a USB drive and use it as a standalone encryption drive – take it with you to other computers where the files you access through the USB will remain encrypted.

If you don’t like the idea of trying to remember passwords, Cryptainer allows you to use up to 100 characters so you can use a longer phrase or set of words that are easier to recall. There is no password-strength checker included with this software, though, so be careful that any passwords are sufficiently complicated and tough to crack.

You can also send encrypted files to other people over email, and the files will remain encrypted, plus the recipient doesn’t have to have Cryptainer installed in order to access the files, they just need the password.

Security features

Cryptainer PE doesn’t include a file shredder in the package, which is a shame as this is always a useful feature to allow you to completely destroy all evidence that a file existed.

Ease of use

As you start the computer the encryption vault will appear as another drive from “My Computer” in Windows. With the easy drag and drop functioning, this is a simple piece of software to use. Once you drag files into the Cryptainer drive, they are protected and cannot be accessed without the code. The process is quick, and you probably won’t notice much of a difference between the action of encrypting and a simple cut and paste.

There is a “light” version of Cryptainer PE available, called Cryptainer LE, and it’s free. But if you want all the functionality you need the PE version. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee if you try the product and don’t like it.

Help & support

On the website you'll find some FAQs and a set of short instructions that will answer some basic questions. You can use the support email address but there is no telephone support.


Others report problems with functionality when upgrading Windows operating system, and that the program doesn’t always work to full capacity. This coupled with the lack of digital shredder means that this software package is not a top choice.

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 received a rating of 3 for Overall
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