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File Encryption XP Review

File Encryption XP
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Review summary

Good points File Encryption XP review good points

• Encrypts all types of file

• Clear and easy-to-use interface

• Email secure files

Bad points File Encryption XP review bad points

• Customer support is not very effective

Our verdict

The encryption algorithms are powerful and you get a digital shredder and a self-extracting file system built-in with the File Encryption XP package.

Full review

File Encryption XP is developed and sold by Kyiv-based software group CP Lab. With a simple Windows-based interface and dependable features, this is a good option for basic encryption tasks.


File Encryption XP uses the Blowfish 384 bit encryption algorithm, which is a powerful alternative to the AES standard 256 bit system. Blowfish is perfectly capable of protecting your files from intruders. In fact, it is one of the industry standards used by organizations across the globe and it is practically un-crackable. Use this software to encrypt any type of file including Word documents, PowerPoint and Excel.

A built-in self-extracting file system means that you can look at any files you have encrypted, wherever you are, even if you have not installed the File Encryption XP software on that particular Windows computer or device. You can also allow any other person to open an encrypted file once you have given them the password. There are benefits to this method, obviously, as it allows for easier sharing of files but you do need to remember that the password is the weak link and it needs to be strong (and not written down, preferably). A password generator is a useful addition to the security pack, plus File Encryption XP includes a password meter to show how effective your password is. Installing the program on a USB drive or disc allows for greater protection as you can work with the full encryption features whenever you insert the drive into your computer.

Security features

File Encryption XP contains a file shredder so you can quickly and easily delete files in a permanent manner. We think this is an important feature as you need to remember that Windows does not permanently delete files when you press delete – they can be easily recovered with file recovery software. When you encrypt the file with File Encryption XP only the encrypted version remains (if you choose to shred the original) making it completely secure.

In addition, File Encryption XP creates an automatic log of all your operations (which can be turned off if needed), and you can therefore quickly find what you are looking for and what you were working on.

Ease of use

File Encryption XP uses a Windows interface so the program will be extremely familiar for Windows users. One of the best things about this software is its familiarity and the easy way you can pick up the processes. As you start the program, all encrypted data is displayed within the same “search” window, making it easier to quickly locate secure files. Working within this panel you can encrypt, decrypt or delete. Any settings you create are saved under your user profile and you can customize the interface to different Windows themes.

A free trial version is available for 30 days.

Help & support

There is a lack of support available for anyone using this product aside from in-program help tools and drop-down menus. You can only contact customer support by email, and even then the service is not particularly helpful. We have seen better examples of customer service.


File Encryption XP is a hard-working, reliable encryption package that gives you all you need to keep your files safer.

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