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InterCrypto Advanced Encryption Package Pro Review

InterCrypto Advanced Encryption Package Pro
Developed by: InterCrypto
Ranked: 3rd
Overall rating:
Best price: $49.95

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Review summary

Good points InterCrypto Advanced Encryption Package Pro review good points

• Strong & solid protection for files & folders

• All common file types are supported

• Password strength indicator

Bad points InterCrypto Advanced Encryption Package Pro review bad points

• Customer support is lacking

Our verdict

The InterCrypto Advanced Encryption Package Pro is a basic package of tools but it works well. Easily encrypt files and folders, and encrypt email text to make sure your information is kept secure.

Full review

InterCrypto has been in the encryption business for many years, with its first version of this Advanced Encryption Package Pro software launched in 1998. This package is not as stylish or good-looking as others on the market, but we checked it out to see what it offers in terms of function and usability.


InterCrypto uses a set of 20 different encryption algorithms to encrypt documents and files. Included are symmetric and asymmetric algorithms as well as support for binary symmetric files and public-private RSA key pair. You can encrypt all common file formats using the Advanced Encryption Package Pro software, and also choose whether to encrypt single files or entire folders.

To encrypt a file you click on the file from the drop-down menu, type a password in the box, retype it, and then you can also choose a riddle to help you remember the password. The program checks if your password is strong. You can see from the indicator whether you need to change it. You can also download the list of common passwords and if you choose one from the list the indicator turns red.

There is no master password setting to operate the whole system; instead, you use individual passwords to encrypt files which can make things difficult as you need to remember a lot of them. The “riddle” helps to figure out a password if you have forgotten it.

Security features

You can encrypt emails, but both the sender and the recipient need this version of InterCrypto Advanced Encryption Package Pro and the procedure is simply copying and pasting the email text into the encrypter, then copying the encrypted text back into the email to send.

Ease of use

If you use Windows you’ll recognize the interface style here. The process for encryption and decryption is reasonably easy to understand although not as clear-cut as the top two software programs - you'll probably need the manual to figure out the process for the first time. You select the files or folders you want to encrypt from the dropdown menu, click on Encrypt, Decrypt, SFX to encrypt the files into executable files, ZIP to zip or unzip files, Delete to get rid of the file, and Email to send it via email. Then you check the settings and the output folder and click Start. There is no drag-and-drop capability although you can use the right-click on the mouse.

A confusing list of text commands is included in the manual but these probably won’t be useful for the average person who wants a quick and easy way to make files safe.

The trial version lasts for 30 days, after which you can purchase the full version.

Help & support

The online manual gives you step-by-step instructions so you can learn how to use each part of the software. A few articles online offer some insight into online security, but not much, and there's an email address for support but various reviews on the web don't particularly rate the service from InterCrypto. Support could be better.


Overall, this package from InterCrypto does a good job at protecting your files from access and giving you an easy-to-manage interface for the task. Without a strong roster of extra features and with a reasonably confusing encryption process, it is not the top choice but it does help make life a lot more secure – you can rest assured your files are properly protected.

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