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New Softwares Folder Lock 7 Review

New Softwares Folder Lock 7
Developed by: New
Ranked: 2nd
Overall rating:
Best price: $39.99

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Review summary

Good points New Softwares Folder Lock 7 review good points

• Fully comprehensive feature set

• Create secure folders

• Data shredding function

Bad points New Softwares Folder Lock 7 review bad points

• No multiple encryption option

Our verdict

Folder Lock is well-priced and simply put together. We think it also offers a lot of features that can make a difference to the security of your computer and your data.

Full review produces data encryption and security products including this highly popular data encryption software package. There are also a variety of programs for mobile devices, but we are focusing on the PC version of Folder Lock 7. How does it compare to its competitors in the field? What features does Folder Lock 7 possess?


One tool locks files, while another encrypts them. The lock file option keeps files, folders and drives hidden in the background, prohibiting access to their contents. When you encrypt files you encrypt the data and password-protect it to make sure no one can access the information within them. Folder Lock uses 256-AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). In the New Softwares Folder Lock system you create lockers into which you put files – the system is guarded by a master password with separate passwords for each Locker.

And it does not matter where your files go, whether it’s to another PC or your USB device. Lockers are portable so can be securely emailed or used on external devices. Folder Lock keeps them protected as you move them, using the “Protect USB” feature that converts locked files into standalone files that can be burned to external devices without having to have Folder Lock installed on these devices.

Security features

The file shredder permanently deletes files and empties the hard disk space so they cannot be retrieved. This is a useful back-up tool particularly when you are giving your computer to someone else or selling it.

The Secure Backup feature is an optional tool (which you need to pay a small amount each month for) that goes with the Folder Lock program and it lets you upload encrypted files to an encrypted cloud storage area. Encrypted files on your computer are automatically synched with the encrypted cloud so when they get changed or deleted these changes show up across the board.

Another reasonably useful feature, although we are not sure it is essential, is the “Make Wallets” tool. Create a secure, encrypted online record of your confidential documents including all your credit card numbers plus your bank account details. If you are travelling or you frequently have trouble remembering logins or account numbers, this could be handy.

Ease of use

Folder Locker is easy for anyone to use. Simply drag and drop the files to the “locked” area to protect them, or you can drag files into your lockers to encrypt them. You work within the Folder Lock area to access locked files so you don’t have to open them to view them.

You create a master password to control access to all of the security features then you can add separate passwords for lockers and files. Remember – don’t forget your passwords. If you forget them, you cannot open your files again.

It is suitable for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (in 32 and 64 bit variants) and a trial version is available. The "Lite" version gives you folder and file locking capabilities but no encryption features.

Help & support

For help and support you have the online user guide for Folder Lock, plus a set of How Tos and FAQs to get you up to speed with the program's functions. The How Tos list is particularly comprehensive and covers all the features in the software, split into easy-to-find sections.

There is an online form you can fill out for asking general questions and it seems to include technical support queries, but there is no phone line.


The use of different encryption algorithms is not quite as comprehensive as Lavasoft Digital Lock, which makes this our second choice, but the set of features is certainly impressive – and useful.

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