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WebMinds SensiGuard Review

WebMinds SensiGuard
Developed by: WebMinds, Inc.
Ranked: 4th
Overall rating:
Best price: $39.00

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Review summary

Good points WebMinds SensiGuard review good points

• Protect files with a single click

• USB Vault to protect external drives

• File shredder feature

Bad points WebMinds SensiGuard review bad points

• No free encryption reader

• Poor quality customer support

Our verdict

The features within this encryption package are basic and the level of encryption is good enough but not amazing. WebMinds SensiGuard provides a decent level of protection for your files at a budget price.

Full review

WebMinds is not a household name, but how well does its encryption program protect, compared to others on the market? We looked at the SensiGuard software to find out.


SensiGuard includes AES standard 256 bit encryption algorithms for encryption. WebMinds SensiGuard offers solid and reliable protection for folders and files with the instant-lock method of encryption where you right-click to lock the file or folder with a password. The software includes a password strength checker so you can make sure that the passwords you generate are strong enough.

You can send files and folders to other people by generating a public decryption key that you share with whoever you want to access your files. They need their own copy of SensiGuard to do this, however, so it is not as useful as other software programs for sending files and information to other people.

Security features

Permanently delete the files you don’t want getting into the wrong hands with the file shredder feature. Use it with care as files cannot be recovered once you have deleted them using this method.

SensiGuard automatically compresses your files when it encrypts them in order to make them smaller and easier to move around.

One useful feature is the USB Vault that allows you to transfer encrypted files to a USB drive or external drive, and open them from this drive on another computer without having the SensiGuard software installed on the other equipment. You open the USB Vault with the password you set up in SensiGuard.

Ease of use

SensiGuard is not the easiest to use as the interface is not as intuitive as others, but you shouldn’t have too many problems once you have carried out the actions several times. You can lock and unlock files directly from the file menu without having to open the SensiGuard interface. Lock whichever file or folder you want to encrypt by right-clicking on the file or folder and choosing from the menu drop-down options.

The process of setting up and exporting the public key is quite confusing, and it takes a while to get it right and have everyone else understand what they need to do in order to read the files you send. In general, locking and unlocking files is a slow process.

Use the software for free for 30 days in the form of a free trial, which actually is a money-back offer as you pay first then can claim the purchase price back within the first 30 days.

Help & support

WebMinds has uploaded a few tutorial videos on the site to explain some of the processes involved in encrypting files using the software. Two user manuals help you to use the programs and you can also contact the company using the email ticket system. We didn’t get a response to our question via this system. Other people who have installed this software report issues with trying to get through to customer support by phone or email, and there are various reports of poor service overall.


For the basic locking and unlocking of folders and files, SensiGuard is a good option. If you have to do anything more complicated, the lack of advanced features lets this product down.

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 received a rating of 4 for Features
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 received a rating of 3 for Support