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ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro
Developed by: ParetoLogic
Ranked: 3rd
Overall rating:
Best price: $50.95



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Review summary

Good points ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro review good points

• Retrieved all our test files, email and email attachments quickly & efficiently

• Standard & advanced scanning modes

• Streamlined interface

• Shows previews of most files

Bad points ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro review bad points

• Limited advanced features

• Scanning system is noticeably slower than other data recovery software

Our verdict

ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro can retrieve deleted files, email and email attachments quickly and efficiently. It has an easy to understand, streamlined interface, all offered at a competitive price. ParetoLogic also managed to keep the program compact with a relatively small footprint that doesn't horde system space and resources.

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Full review

Data loss is an all-too-common malady these days with the hectic pace of our lives; too few of us using appropriate back-up routines and the ever-growing number of malicious software that lurk on the internet. Thankfully, data recovery programs are becoming more user friendly and ParetoLogic has struck a nice balance between ease of use and data recovery features, albeit at a sometimes slower scan rate than we would have liked to see for the pricing.


Installation was simple and very fast. We encountered no problems during the set-up process and were up and running within minutes.

Ease of use

Users need not worry that they will be bombarded with terms and features that they don't recognise. During our tests, we were able to navigate Data Recovery Pro and understand the reports generated after a 'quick scan' without having to consult the accompanying help files - an achievement in its own right for any data recovery program. The software interface is clean and logically organised.

ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro offers three scanning options: Quick Scan, Full Scan and Guided Scan.

With the Quick Scan function, the program searches for easily recoverable files either by file name or text string (a feature that was missing from PC Tools File Recover 7). The Full Scan feature completely scans your system, including all external drives and devices. But we were most impressed with the Guided Scan - designed to help novice users by guiding them through the file selection and restore process - a definite advantage over software titles such as RescueBox 5.

In addition to these options, there is also an Advanced feature that allows you to filter your results more effectively as well as an Email Scan that will not only recover your lost emails but also any associated attachments.


Though ParetoLogic's software zipped through compressed and encrypted files swiftly, it did grind to a crawl when faced with scanning for lost files on a reformatted drive, taking what we consider to be an excessive amount of time to complete the scan. However, to be fair, we were running fairly intensive applications during our tests and some of the speed degradation may have been due to these other programs.

In terms of recovery effectiveness, ParetoLogic performed as well, if not better, than its nearest rivals. It was able to retrieve lost music files, photos and documents quickly. However, we were slightly disappointed with its ability to recover damaged digital photos.

Data Recovery Pro came up aces during our email scans. The program was able to find and restore all of the emails we'd lost as well as find a few we had forgotten about.


ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro can restore lost files, MP3 files, digital photos, email and documents not only on computers but on mobile phones, external drives, iPod Shuffles, Nanos and Classics as well. The software is capable of scanning for lost data on reformatted drives and displays results in a preview window to make file restoration easier.

Help & support

The use of screenshots and an easy to understand help section, included with the program, make software navigation quick and simple. ParetoLogic also provides a more extensive online knowledgebase as well as helpful FAQs - and if all else fails - there is email technical support. However, we were disappointed that they don't offer telephone technical support - something that most users prefer when dealing with more complex problems.


ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro is a welcome addition to the existing array of data recovery programs on the market. Despite rigorous testing, it performed as well as expected for its class of first line recovery tools - and at an affordable price. The areas where we would like to see improvement would be in the digital photo recovery, improved scanning speed on reformatted drives, as well as telephone support. Otherwise, we feel this program would make an ideal candidate for most home users.

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