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mst Defrag Professional Edition Review

mst Defrag Professional Edition

This product has been dis-continued by Paragon Software Group.

Review summary

Good points

 Error-free and efficient disk defragmentation

 Easy to use because of its simple interface and limited menus

 Great value for the price

Bad points

 Extremely poor product support

 Outdated interface

Our verdict

MST Defrag Professional is a fantastic value at $15.90, but the cheap price shows in some areas of the program. There aren’t many features, the interface is outdated, and the help and support is poor. With all that aside, MST Defrag Professional does a fantastic job in performing its main function, defragmentation.

Full review


MST Defrag Professional offers a basic setup process with no hassle. After purchasing the product at a low price of $15.90 from the MST website, you must then download the setup file and launch it on their system. You then must go through a simple installation and setup process where you can activate a few features including Boot-time defragmentation and Proactive defragmentation.


Upon launching the program, users will immediately be welcomed by a list of all of the hard drives and partitions within their system. The program can analyze each of your hard drives and determine if a defragmentation is needed.

There are three modes of defragmentation that you can use. The three modes are: Defragment, Defragment Smart and Defragment Smart/M. Defragment mode is used for a quick, but less effective defragment of a drive. Defragment Smart is a more complete defragment and will show much better results, but is considerably slower. Defragment Smart/M is the recommended mode for drives or partitions with files that are often modified.

In our tests, MST Defrag Professional performed surprisingly fast when defragmenting our hard drive. It’s not as fast as some of the top sellers, but it’s solid.


After one defragmentation, there was definitely a considerable enough boost in performance to notice. Not every computer will notice huge strides in performance, but for only $15.90, MST Defrag Professional is a great value. It will keep all of your data fragmented and efficient. It certainly performs it main function well.


Prior to completing a scan, MST Defrag Professional will give the total number of file moved and defragmented. It will also give a recommendation for another scan if you need one. Users can also scan their hard drives and the software will determine if your hard drive need to be defragmented based on its tests. You can also view some statistics of your hard drive like free space and fragmented files.


Boot-time defragmentation– Enabling this feature allows the software to defrag boot-up files each time you start up your computer. This only takes seconds and prevents the slowing of system performance.

Proactive defragmentation– With this feature enabled, MST Defrag Professional will constantly monitor your system for new or changed files. When a change is detected, the software will have the files defragmented and optimized without you having to pick up a finger.

Ease of use

MST Defrag Professional has a basic interface that is suitable for types of users. New users should have no problem learning how to perform their first scan. There are limited options on the main page of the program, so the basic functions are easy to find. Advanced users can dive deeper into the program by navigating through drop down menus.

Help & support

Help and support is almost non-existent for MST Defrag Professional. A help tab built within the program has a basic, watered down help file and a broken link to an FAQ page. The support on the product webpage disappointing, and that’s putting it lightly. Users must send an email to the company’s technical support and then support can be given by email or they can call you back. Those looking for live-chat or instant help will want to look elsewhere. If you don’t need the absolute best support and enjoy fixing problems yourself, then by all mean ignore this downfall.


Beside the lackluster help and support, it’s hard to complain about MST Defrag Professional. It’s easy to use, effective, and comes in at a great value of $15.90. If you’re looking for a cheap option to help give your hard drive a little performance boost, look no further than MST Defrag Professional. You won’t an option this cheap and effective.

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