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Norton Ghost 15 Review

Norton Ghost 15

This product has been dis-continued by NortonLifeLock.

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Review summary

Good points Norton Ghost 15 review good points

• Easy to setup and use

• Backs up and restores data in an easy, efficient manner

• Backs up data to a variety of different sources, including Blu-ray disks

• Includes several interesting features that experienced PC users may enjoy

Bad points Norton Ghost 15 review bad points

• Does not perform differential backups

Our verdict

Norton Ghost has always been an excellent disk-imaging product. The latest version of this software, Norton Ghost 15, includes several new features, some UI improvements, and a few general adjustments that make this one of the best disk-imaging options currently available. Users looking for a disk-imaging utility that is easy to use, packed with features, and reliable should give Norton Ghost 15 a shot.

Full review

Known for a variety of high-quality products, Symantec is an industry leader in computer-security software and system-utility tools. While it is true that not all of Symantec's products are impressive, the majority of their offerings have been quite good. Norton Ghost has been a part of the Symantec family for quite some time, and most releases have received favorable reviews. We were eager to find out exactly where Norton Ghost 15, the latest version of Norton Ghost, stands compared to competing products.


Installing Norton Ghost 15 should be quite easy for most PC users. On our computer, which runs Windows 7, Norton Ghost 15 installed in about 5 minutes, and we did not encounter any installation-related errors. Following the installation, we ran a wizard to set up our data backups; it made the process of creating an initial backup very easy. We are sure that most users, even most novices, should have no trouble setting up backups with the help of Norton Ghost's wizards.


Norton Ghost 15 backs up data in an easy, efficient manner. It is capable of creating incremental backups, but full backups can be completed in a reasonable amount of time as well. Thanks to a handy backup search, it is also possible, and quite easy, to backup individual files and folders. When backing up, users can choose to store data on a wide range of different sources, including partitions, external drives, CDs, DVDs, and more. Unfortunately, however, Norton Ghost 15 does lack the ability to perform differential backups.


Restoring data with Norton Ghost 15 is a breeze. From entire partitions to individual files and folders, this software makes it easy for users to restore as much or as little data as they want.


Norton Ghost 15 is an incredibly effective disk-imaging tool. From our initial backups to our final file restoration, this software managed to perform exceptionally well. Not only did it backup and restore data quickly, it performed both of these vital tasks without a single error.


Blu-ray support – With the latest version of Norton Ghost, users can burn large backups to Blu-ray disks. With support for dual-layer disks, users can put up to 50GB of data on a single Blu-ray disk!

Cold imaging – Now, thanks to the inclusion of this new feature, users can create backups without installing Norton Ghost. This feature copies entire partitions in little time and with little hassle. Unfortunately, it is necessary to enter the product key each time that cold imaging is used.

ThreatCon integration – ThreatCon is Symantec's measurement system for global computer-security risks. This system contains four threat levels, and users can configure Norton Ghost 15 to start a backup as soon as a specified threat level is reached.

Ease of use

For the most part, Norton Ghost 15 is one of the easiest disc-imaging products to use. It features an interface that is intuitive, and the process of backing up data is logical. However, some aspects of Norton Ghost 15 are not very easy to grasp, especially for novices. The drop-down menu, for instance, presents users with technical terms that will leave most novices feeling confused. Fortunately, with a little patience and a copy of the software's guide handy, most users will become proficient with Norton Ghost 15 in very little time.

Help & support

Symantec offers some of the best customer support in the industry. In addition to guides, forums, and automated support tools, Symantec provides customers with support via e-mail and live chat. There are other support options available, such as telephone-based support, but this is not a free service that Symantec provides.


Since it is incredibly easy to use, Norton Ghost 15 is one of the best disk-imaging utilities for novices. However, it also has many features that experienced users will appreciate. Certain features in Norton Ghost 15, such as Blue-ray support, really stood out and set this release apart from previous versions. While it is not quite as fully featured as some competing products, Norton Ghost 15 strikes an excellent balance between usability and ease of use.

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