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DVD Wizard Pro
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Review summary

Good points DVD Wizard Pro review good points

• Features an easy to use interface

• Capable of copying video game discs

• Produces decent quality copies

Bad points DVD Wizard Pro review bad points

• Slow burn times

• Poor customer support

• Software is dated and no updates are provided

Our verdict

DVD Wizard Pro provides adequate functionalities to copy DVD movies and video game discs. But it requires additional hardware to play the video game discs and the burn speeds are incredibly slow which makes it difficult to recommend this software.

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The installation and setup process is straight forward. Once installation is complete the software will automatically launch and allow the user to configure the copy settings. To initiate the burning process the user simply needs to insert a disc and select a type of copy mode.

Copy features

DVD Wizard Pro is equipped with all the necessary features required to copy DVD movies and has the ability to copy video game discs. Additionally, it can also convert footage from VHS tapes into digital files that can be burned to a DVD. The software produces decent quality copies and minimal drop in quality is encountered when video files are compressed. Limited customization options are provided but this makes it fairly simple to use for novice users as they simply need to insert a disc and within a few clicks they can copy DVD movies. Of course, to utilize the VHS conversion and video game disc copying features the user will need to install additional hardware but it is nice to have these unique features available if you need them.

Speed & quality

DVD copy quality is decent but the slow burn times set this software well behind its competitors. It takes around an hour to copy a standard 90 minute DVD movie while other DVD copying software can achieve this in less than half the time this software takes.

Ease of Use

Since there is little to no customization options provided in this software it makes it very easy to use. The user interface is simple to navigate and novice users will experience no difficulties in copying DVD movies as it really can be achieved in the matter of a few clicks. Using the additional features such as VHS conversion may not be as simple since it requires additional hardware and a level of technical understanding to master.

Help & support

Customer support is poor to say the least. The DVD Wizard Pro website has a frequently asked questions section which provides solutions to some commonly encountered problems. The only way to contact the support team is via email but it appears as though email support is unresponsive since we did not receive a single reply or recognition of receiving our numerous emails. As such, there is virtually no form of direct customer support provided by DVD Wizard Pro.


While DVD Wizard Pro does come with the basic features of a DVD copying software the numerous flaws found in the software makes it difficult to recommend. The burn speed is incredibly slow and the additional features provided in this software require add-on hardware so the usefulness of the features is nullified. Since this software is no longer updated and customer support is non-existent we cannot recommend this software to users.

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