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SlySoft CloneDVD
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Review summary

Good points SlySoft CloneDVD review good points

• Features an easy to use interface

• Equipped with essential tools to copy DVDs

Bad points SlySoft CloneDVD review bad points

• Requires a 3rd party decryptor to copy DVDs

Our verdict

This software is ideal for beginners due to its simplicity and efficiency in copying DVD movies. While it lacks advanced features and does not have an inbuilt decryptor the ease at which users can burn DVDs with this software will make it appealing for novice users.

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Clone DVD is straight forward to install and requires minimal user input during the installation process. The user simply selects a language and follows the onscreen prompts to complete the installation. Once the software is launched the user can configure the copy settings, however the user will need to download and install a 3rd party CSS decryptor for the software to be of any use.

Copy features

The software is equipped with a range of basic tools that enable users to efficiently copy DVD movies. Clone DVD allows users to copy the entire movie with all the special features and original menus. Alternatively, you can choose to leave out special features and copy the movie only to save disc space. The software will remove all region codes to allow for DVD copying across different countries. A video preview is provided before burning the final product on the disc, this allows users to experience the quality of the movie before the copying process is initiated. Unfortunately, the software lacks the ability to copy DVD content onto CDs.

Speed & quality

The output quality is impressive and minimal drop in quality occurs when DVD movies are compressed. The copying speed is slightly below average as it takes around an hour for a 90 minute movie to copy but the quality of the final product does make up for it.

Ease of Use

Clone DVD is fairly easy to use but it does require some practice to get comfortable with using the software. Novice users may struggle to understand the functions of the software at first but there is an adequate amount of support information available on the Clone DVD website and within the software in the form of step by step instructions for all the settings. Despite the slight learning curve, the software is simple to use as it has a limited amount of features and only requires a few clicks to get the job done.

Help & support

Various support options are available on the SlySoft website. Customers can access an online forum which contains answers to user submitted questions and allows customers to engage with each other. There is also a frequently asked questions section and a number of online tutorials which assist users in using various features in the software.


Clone DVD is a solid option for DVD copying software as it is equipped with a range of essential features that allow users to copy DVD movies with ease. It lacks numerous additional features offered with some of the higher end DVD copying software but the simplicity provided by it is a quality that cannot be overlooked.

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