Bookeen Cybook Odyssey

Bookeen Cybook Odyssey
Developed by: Bookeen
Ranked: 11
Overall rating:
Best price: $159.99



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Review summary

Good points Bookeen Cybook Odyssey review good points

• Good design and build

• High quality screen

• MicroSD slot

• Wi-Fi can be enabled

Bad points Bookeen Cybook Odyssey review bad points

• Touch-screen isn’t slick

• Small amount of online functions

Our verdict

Even though this e-reader has a good design and crisp text, we couldn’t recommend it against the Kindle or any of the other cheaper and more efficient e-readers.

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Full review

The French company Bookeen have been working hard to make their line of e-readers more efficient, adding Wi-Fi and their own dedicated open-source book store have boosted their rating, but does it pull off on their Odyssey e-reader.


This e-reader has a very good quality build, with brushed aluminium backing, you will find its one of the more sustainable and eco-friendly tablets on the market. The front is built with hardened plastic with a friendly clean touch surface.

The screen is quite high-resolution, although you’ll find better on the market. Still, you won’t find yourself squinting at the text and there are good fonts to make reading easier. The screen doesn’t attract fingerprints very easily, which is another plus.

Touch-screen works okay, but you will find the Kindle Touch and other low-end tablets with touch-screen have much faster responses.

Ease of use

Since the e-reader got its own book store, it has got a lot easier to find a book and purchase it. We don’t have to go through the horrific task of downloading a book on a native format then adding it via computer any more.

Getting around the e-reader is easy enough, we do find that sometimes the e-reader will be irresponsive, but this is only a few times in the short while we’ve had it.

Processing speeds are good for an e-ink e-reader; we found speeds more than adequate. The only problem is with a touch-screen device, the processor will take up more battery life processing.


Thanks to new development, there is now a huge range of e-books available on this platform, and the best thing is they’re open source, without any sort of DRM.

This is what we like to see in a e-reader, we like to see that they give you the book and it is yours, like a real book would be – no point in having all these obligations to not share and not read on other platforms.

There is a fair amount of titles that we wanted to find on the book store, but we it isn’t as large as the Kindle or Barnes & Noble stores, so if you’re into niche markets, we wouldn’t recommend it. Another disappointment on the store is that most of the books are in French, and it doesn’t look like English Translations are high on the Bookeen to-do list.


Wi-Fi can be enabled for simple purchasing on the book-store and online browsing, although the browsing experience isn’t very fun, it’s slow and pudgy.

Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to drain that much battery life, we’re glad to see this, as some

e-readers have inefficient ways of keeping the battery life high.


We found there is a sufficient amount of battery life on this e-reader, but not a great amount. You’ll probably get a good week and a bit reading time out of this device. You may think that is enough, but compared to the Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch (Wi-Fi edition), it isn’t that great.

On the upside, battery life is reliable; it won’t derail because you have Wi-Fi or are browsing the web.


2GB’s of internal storage is ok, although again it doesn’t beat or match the Kindle and Nook – it still can store up to 10,000 books though, that is a figure you can deliberate on.

The e-reader also comes with a MicroSD slot, so you can expand your storage to even more luxurious sizes. I would recommend this, as the internal storage on e-readers is quite corrosive after-time or if too much is on.


Due to this e-reader allowing all types of e-book formats, you can download free e-books from various stores if you cannot find the one you want on their online store. This a great feature, as it allows you the capability to find whatever title for the cheapest price.

As we’ve already said, the e-reader comes with a MicroSD slot so you can expand your memory, this is always a good sign that the e-reader is looking out for those pro-readers.


We find there are some compelling features on the French e-reader, but not enough to beat the Kindle or Nook devices. Although, if you’re French, this offers one of the most expansive libraries of French novels we’ve ever seen.

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 received a rating of 3 for Design
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 received a rating of 3 for Features