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Disk Doctor File Shredder Review

Disk Doctor File Shredder
Developed by: Disk Doctor Labs
Ranked: 5th
Overall rating:
Best price: $49.00

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Review summary

Good points Disk Doctor File Shredder review good points

• Features an easy-to-use interface

• Effectively shreds data securely

• Clears out empty hard-drive space

• Comprehensive customer support

Bad points Disk Doctor File Shredder review bad points

• Difficult to validate the strength of the shredding features

Our verdict

Disk Doctors File Shredder is easy-to-use and effectively removes any traces of deleted files. It has a broad range of features and provides a straight forward method of completely removing your sensitive information.

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The software requires a minimum of 15MB free space to install on the computer. It requires very minimal system specs to function as long as a Windows operating system is installed. The installation process is quick and easy with on screen prompts guiding the user throughout the process.


Disk Doctor File Shredder is capable of permanently deleting all types of files and folders in a secure manner. The explorer window allows the user to select which files they would like to shred and even allows them to shred entire folders in one simple click. Once the files are shredded the software ensures that the files are irrecoverable, even with specialized software. Disk Doctors claim that the shredding patterns provided by their file shredder exceed the requirements of the U.S Department of defense. Unfortunately there is no way to test this out but during our tests we did find that the software works very efficiently and effectively removes any traces of deleted files.


Power Shredder: Any deleted files are never completely removed from the disk. Recoverable traces of the file are always left behind which can be a privacy concern with sensitive information. This feature completely eliminates all files and folders of your choosing from the computer. It also removes any traces of previously deleted files.

Password Protection: The software can be password protected so that only users with the password can access it.

Scheduler: This nifty feature allows you to set up schedules for shredding tasks. The schedule is completely customizable and lets you choose specific times for shredding files at.

Even Logs: The software allows users to generate full logs of all completed shredding processes. These logs contain information such as the full names of shredded files and what kind of shredding method was used to remove the file.

Ease of use

This product is clearly designed with user friendliness in mind as it is very easy to use. The graphical user interface has clearly labeled tabs and the software is incredibly easy to navigate. Files and folders that can be shred are displayed in the explorer screen and the user can simply select individual files and add them to the shredding zone area. The software then provides the user with several options of how they would like the file to be shredded. As such, Users of all experience levels will comfortably be able to use Disk Doctor’s File Shredder.

Help & support

A number of support options are available. A knowledge base full of user submitted questions, articles and other useful information is available on the Disk Doctors website. There is also a frequently asked questions section which provides users with solutions to commonly encountered problems. Customers can also contact the support team via phone support or email them directly. Enquiries submitted via email receive fairly prompt replies which should keep most customers satisfied.


Disk Doctors File Shredder is a complete solution to ensure that your sensitive information is completely removed from your computer. The software features a decent range of features and is incredibly easy to use. It is highly effective software that is recommended for anyone after a secure method of removing any traces of their deleted files.

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 received a rating of 4 for Ease of use
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