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DT Utilities Digital Shredder Review

DT Utilities Digital Shredder

This product has been dis-continued by DT Utilities.

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Review summary

Good points DT Utilities Digital Shredder review good points

• Triple overwrite data shredding: data cannot be recovered by ANY software

• Can schedule times to perform shredding tasks

• Eliminate web browsing activity, credit card details and financial information

• Works with hard drives, USB sticks, SD memory cards and more

• Delete without trace all, or parts, of your Windows Recycle Bin

Bad points DT Utilities Digital Shredder review bad points

• Digital Shredder Premium does not offer telephone support

• Is not compatible with Windows 7

• Lacks live chat support

Our verdict

Digital Shredder Premium is a good buy, cheaper than some competitors yet still with most of the same utilities: options to weekly schedule, log files and single click erase. With a simple interface it is easy to use and quick to receive results. However, the Digital Shredder comes 4th on our list for a reason: it lacks some of the features of the more advanced Iolo Drive Scrubber, such as restoring drives after malware attacks.

Full review

With a variety of successful different products in the market of PC clean-up and recovery, DT Utilities is evidently a company to trust, and this review will provide a little more in-depth understanding of the product you are choosing over DT Utilities’ competitors.


To install Digital Shredder Premium at home or at work you will need a minimum 32MB of RAM and 10MB of available disk space. The product is compatible with Windows Vista, XP and 2000 operating systems, however remember that Windows 7 is not compatible with this software. Setup takes mere seconds and composes of entering an activation code and clicking nextaccompaniedby a sporadic ‘I agree’.


Permanently deleting sensitive files and documents or data is very important where one single click on the wrong website can lead to malware intrusion on your computer network. When the Digital Shredder shreds a file you can rest assured that it will become utterly unrecoverable.

It leaves you feelings just as safe and secure as more expensive software such as the Iolo Drive Scrubber, but is less customisable. This simplicity may suit some, while others who are adept at using this kind of software and may need more advanced tools may find that the Digital Shredder falls short of their expectations.


Triple Overwrite –Capabilities meet and exceed US Department of Defense standards

Password protected –Keeps unauthorized persons away from shredding data on your computer

Keep your hard drive clean –Scan for and shred free hard drive space

Office and email protection – Remove Office documents, calendars, address books and email content from Outlook Express and Outlook

IM chat history protection – may systematically remove traces of outdated MSN Internet Messenger chat history

Ease of use

Once Digital Shredder Premium is up and running the program will open as a small window with three tabs: Shred Center, System Cleaner and Options. Simple to learn and navigate especially with a dynamic Help section with pictures demonstrating points. Yet the Help wiki should only be used to elaborate on points, as the software is quite literally as easy to use as: browse for an item and click shredfor individual items or for an automated weekly spring-clean.

Help & support

The dynamic Helpsection provides appropriate warnings (for instance, shredded files can NEVER be recovered), detailed pointers on every aspect of your shredding options, and advanced shredding tips. There is also included an explanation for what each button means.

Digital Shredder does provide email support. That said if there is an urgent inquiry or an inquiry which requires communication with technical staff then this is where Digital Shredder will let you down.


The Digital Shredder Premium will give you the basic product you’re looking for, but nothing more. Don’t expect handy tools and clever software; this product does exactly what it says it does, quickly and efficiently. While DT Utilities does not offer telephone-based support, this support is not really needed, as their software is easy to navigate and handle, and then if technical issues do arise expert technical advice is available by email. In all, Digital Shredder Premium is a product to rely on to remove all traces of documents or emails from your system, or completely delete any sensitive information which could fall into the wrong hands.

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