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Max File Shredder Review

Max File Shredder
Developed by: Max Secure Software
Ranked: 3rd
Overall rating:
Best price: $29.95

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Review summary

Good points Max File Shredder review good points

• Shreds files and folders effectively

• Offers the ability to schedule the shredding of files

• Protects users' privacy by deleting PC-usage history

• Wipes deleted data to eliminate sensitive information

Bad points Max File Shredder review bad points

• Offers few customization options

• Does not contain many extra features

• Support options are lacking

Our verdict

Max File Shredder does what it claims, and it does it well. However, it lacks many of the features that competing products offer. Also, while it is extremely easy to use, it is not very customizable. For novices, this may be the perfect file-shredding product. For advanced users, however, something like DriveScrubber may be more suitable.

Full review

Max Secure Software, the company responsible for Max File Shredder's development, offers an impressive range of tune-up software. To see whether not Max File Shredder's performance is as impressive as Max Secure's software library, we installed it on our system and spent some time working with it.


Max File Shredder is an incredibly lightweight program, which makes it incredibly easy to install. Also, since it supports all major versions of Windows, including 64-bit versions, users should not run into any issues while installing this software. On our system, which has a 32-bit version of Windows 7 installed, we had Max File Shredder running in less than a minute. Starting up the program takes only a few seconds, and users can shred files as soon as it is open.


Max File Shredder is capable of shredding all types of files, even files located on Fat-32 drives. This means that this software can be used to shred documents, videos, pictures, and more, even if these files are not located on the same partition as the Windows installation! Max File Shredder can also shred entire folders, which is a useful feature that has the potential to save some users a great deal of time.

When Max File Shredder shreds a file or folder, it does so in a manner that ensures complete removal. It uses the DOD Std.7, a multi-pass method of securely removing files that overwrites data 7 times. Once this multi-pass overwrite is complete, file-recovery tools will be unable to access any of the shredded files' data. In fact, once files are shredded by Max File Shredder, not even computer experts will have the ability to recover them.

To test Max File Shredder's capabilities, we had it shred a document located on our system's hard drive. The file was shredded in slightly more than a second, about the same amount of time required to remove a file of similar size from the Recycle Bin. After the shredding process was complete, Max File Shredder presented us with useful information concerning the file removed, the amount of hard-drive space recovered, and more.


Privacy guard – This feature provides users with an easy way to delete traces of computer usage. From Internet Explorer's history to Windows' list of recent documents, Privacy Guard will remove anything that indicates what the computer has recently been used for.

Recycle-bin shredding – For those who like to keep things simple, the Recycle Bin may still be the preferred place to delete files from. Now, thanks to this feature, the contents of the Recycle Bin can be shredded to ensure that users' privacy is protected.

Scheduler – The scheduler is used to schedule the shredding of files in specific folders at predetermined intervals. This is another excellent feature that many users will surely find a use for.

Wipe deleted data – This is an excellent feature that does a lot to protect users' privacy. By wiping space occupied by deleted data, this feature ensures that previously deleted files can never be recovered. Of course, drive wiping is not ideal in every situation, so this is an optional feature, not something that Max File Shredder runs automatically.

Ease of use

Max File Shredder is one of the easiest file-shredding utilities that we have come across. While novice users will surely appreciate this, experienced PC users may find Max File Shredder's lack of customization options to be a little annoying. For example, unlike most competing products that offer multiple types of file-shredding algorithms, Max File Shredder only offers one. Also, while this software offers several core features that are extremely easy to use, it does not offer much in the way of extras.

Help & support

In the support department, Max Secure does not have a whole lot to offer. On the Max File Shredder website, there is no support section; there is not even an FAQ. Inquiries can be e-mailed to Max Secure's support team, but telephone-based support is not available.


Those looking for highly customizable file-shredding software will probably be disappointed by Max File Shredder's lack of options and features. Also, it is a good thing that Max File Shredder is easy to use because Max Secure's support offerings leave a lot to be desired. Overall, Max File Shredder is a good file-shredding utility, but it is not a very comprehensive one.

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