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Nintendo Wii
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Ranked: 4th
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Review summary

Good points Nintendo Wii review good points

• Innovative motion controller design

• Some great Nintendo games

• Small, lightweight console

Bad points Nintendo Wii review bad points

• Poor multiplayer

• Motion sensor sluggish

• Lackluster gaming graphics

• Lack of content

Our verdict

The Wii was, for about two weeks, the highlight of many families life, as they flew across the living room playing Wii Sports Tennis and other games. However, the lack of content, multiplayer and most of the time, a sluggish motion sensor, destroy the fun and longevity of this console.

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The Wii console is a small and quite lightweight console; it allows discs to be slipped in, instead of having a disc tray. Some users complained that this system crashed quite a few times, although Nintendo have never issued newer consoles with this problem fixed.

The controllers were controversial to say the least, designed to fit around the hand for simple motion control, Nintendo really pushed the motion controller design. While the controller does fit well in the hand, the motion sensor is sometimes sluggish to your commands.


The Wii has a lackluster performance compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3, the two consoles launched at an earlier date. To compensate for this poor performance, many developers dubbed down their game to work efficiently on the console. This lead to many giving up on the console entirely.

User Interface

Motion control has its purposes, but when trying to navigate around the UI, it annoys almost any user. Gladly, you can use buttons to navigate around the Wii dashboard, which consists of nothing much. In our view, this user interface was minimalistic and in many ways, ambitious, but the ambition never paid off and all we got was a sluggish UI that did not have a whole lot of applications.


To this day, many say the best game for the Wii was Wii Sports. This may be why Nintendo tried to make the Wii, because Wii Sports worked so well with motion control. Other developers had less success with the motion control, many games were sluggish and some just did not have the motion control working, instead opting for users to just use the buttons on the controller.

Overall, the game had a poor amount of content and the entertainment system was almost non-existent. Many users fell out of love with the Wii once the top games came out for different platforms.


Multiplayer was hardly ever seen on the Wii console, despite WiFi being on the console. Not many games had multiplayer options and the ones that did had sluggish servers and poor gameplay. Co-op was fun on Wii Sports, and that was about as far as “multiplayer” got on the Wii.


Motion control is a fun feature that allows users to make their arms the controller, unfortunately, Wii Sports and a small handful of other games pull it off successfully. Wii Sports, with Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing was the height of the Wii console. The games were so fun to play and you could easily spend hours racing up the leaderboards.


Like we have said before, the Wii comes with built in WiFi and you can add an Ethernet cable for better multiplayer, but the Wii does not come with many great multiplayer games. HD is not available on this console, which tends to be okay apart from games that want you to experience the vast beauty.


At $100 – 150 in most stores nowadays, the Wii is a console for all those wanting to try out motion control.


The Wii was a brilliant idea, motion control and for a few months, Wii ruled the console universe. The poor hardware and lack of content really dragged the system down though, to the point where it started to gather dust.

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 received a rating of 4 for Overall
 received a rating of 4 for Design
 received a rating of 3 for Performance
User Interface
 received a rating of 2 for User Interface
 received a rating of 3 for Content
 received a rating of 4 for Features
 received a rating of 2 for Multiplayer
 received a rating of 3 for Connectivity