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PS Vita
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Review summary

Good points PS Vita  review good points

• Excellent gameplay

• Impressive screen

• Practical button layout

• Comfortable and strong

Bad points PS Vita  review bad points

• Difficult platform

• No internal storage

• Expensive

Our verdict

The PS Vita is the best handheld console in the world right now; it has a beautiful screen, excellent performance, great gameplay and tactical button placement. Truly, the only major problem is the PS Vita’s price range, hitting in at a solid £200 – 260 depending on what version you buy.

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The PS Vita design is very beautiful and most handheld fans will agree this is a big step up from previous PS-handheld devices.

The PS Vita has a 5-inch OLED touchscreen, which displays games in a way we never thought a small portable device could.

That being said, the PS Vita is no ordinary handheld, at about 7-inches it is in the phablet/tablet area of size. This is a lot bigger than previous generations of handheld that have come with very small screens.


The small handheld device carries some serious horsepower, with two quad-core processors that have been customized by Sony to work better with gameplay.

In contrast, the PS3 and Xbox 360 have yet to add this many cores to their consoles, which run much more graphically demanding games.

In our view, the performance and gameplay on the PS Vita outmatches all other handheld games and can proudly go up against large consoles.

User Interface

Coming from PSP’s impressive user interface, the PS Vita has grown in usability and movement. You can get around the system without trouble. The UI does look a little tacky when you put it up against Android and iOS, but these are two platforms where the UI has been worked on tirelessly. Sony may see the UI as less of a show-off and more a portal to gaming and entertainment.


There is a huge selection of different game titles that you can buy on the PS Vita, including some games that work better with the PS Vita button layout. In our view, the touchscreen enhances portable gameplay, although most developers seem to find adding the mechanics a little time consuming and not worth it.

The PS Vita also has some apps such as Facebook and some entertainment features, but most users will probably be uninterested in using this as a way to update their status or watch a movie.


There are many games that feature multiplayer aspects and the PS Vita has good performance and good networking capabilities to keep matches flowing without lag or poor frame rates.


You can buy the PS Vita with WiFi or 3G, depending on what you plan to do on your PS Vita. This opens up the multiplayer portability, with 3G, as you will be able to game anywhere.


£229 for the WiFi version; £269 for the 3G version. Prices are a lot cheaper on eBay and other websites, as many seem to wean off the PS Vita.


The best handheld gaming device out right now, it has the performance, the display, the design and the button layout to be a winner. In our view, if you are in the market for a handheld, the PS Vita is the top dog, but you will have to pay a pretty buck to get it.

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