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Sony PS3
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Review summary

Good points Sony PS3 review good points

• Elegant design

• High definition gaming

• Simple user interface

Bad points Sony PS3 review bad points

• Cheap build

• Expensive

Our verdict

The PS3 is still a good performer, despite having a little less juice then the Xbox 360. You do get HD gaming, an excellent Playstation dualshock controller and a great interface on the PS3.

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The PS3 is a well-designed, but, like the Xbox, heavy console. Stocked with all the big components, the PS3 does not come in a good weight on the scales. The console is still a beautiful piece of design engineering though, despite the size. The back is very glossy and a fingerprint magnet, but you will not be touching that very much anyway.

The dualshock controller is our favorite out of all controllers; it fits well in the hand, the controls are easy to get use to and it is a very reliable, durable and excellent controller.


Granted, the PS3 is not fitted with the best and newest components, and it certainly will not make any PC gamers jealous. However, most new titles, like Assassins Creed 3, Far Cry 3 and The Last of Us play well on the console and look impressive, with HD visuals. For big bulky users that like 100 frames per second and more, you should think about spending $1000+ on a PC, but for a general user, the performance will fit your needs.

User Interface

In many ways, the PS3 interface reminds you of the PSP interface, simplistic, well designed and overall, easy to use. We prefer the Xbox Live interface to the PS3, but it is a manner of choice, you could easily like the PS3 UI a lot more, depending on your taste. What we can tell you is Xbox Live is a lot more sophisticated and you will generally find a lot more useful features on Live then PS3 interface.


PS3 exclusives come few and far, and generally they are not that impressive. The Last of Us is one of the only exclusives by Playstation we have generally been interested in playing. However, many developers and publishers look to push their games onto the PS3 platform. Sometimes, we see earlier releases on Xbox and earlier DLC launches on Xbox.

The digital store on PS3 is a lot less impressive then Xbox Live, with many great titles available on Xbox Live not available on PS3. Saying that, game of the year, Journey, was a PS3 exclusive and digitally downloaded.


The PS3 multiplayer is impressive and you will find matches on games almost instantly. Sony has been consistent in their multiplayer performance.

Journey is one of the biggest successes of multiplayer on a game. It allows players to join matches with one other person without actually connecting. This was an impressive move, which changed the idea of multiplayer and how you play games with other gamers.

There will be an argument forever over which platform is better for online gaming, Xbox Live does have more users, but we believe PS3 gamers are less inclined to be angry young children on Call of Duty.


HD gaming was a real push for PS3, and it paid off with many experts saying games looked better on the PS3, despite the Xbox 360 having HD input too. Sony sometimes look to the PS3 to start all their new ventures – this includes downloading free games for trials and getting exclusive prices on their other gaming consoles and phones.


You can connect over WiFi or indeed, through an Ethernet port, generally we consider the Ethernet port a faster and more suitable way to play, if you have the cable close to where you want to have the PS3.


During the PS3’s near decade span, Sony has released a few different consoles, each more thinner and with more storage than the previous. You can pick old consoles up for as cheap as $50 if you look on eBay, the newest are about $300 – 400. If you are waiting for the next generation, we would say save your money, since the PS3 is likely to be announced in February 2013.


The PS3 is still a great console with a few exclusives, but generally, our view is that the Xbox Live system is more sophisticated and has better multiplayer. This is just our opinion though, many hardcore PS3 fans would tell you all the benefits of using their console, but we truly believe this is a solid second place contender.

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 received a rating of 4 for Design
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 received a rating of 3 for User Interface
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 received a rating of 4 for Features
 received a rating of 3 for Multiplayer
 received a rating of 4 for Connectivity