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AVG Internet Security
Developed by: AVG Technologies
Ranked: 5th
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Best price: $54.99

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Home Screen - AVG Internet Security 2012 opens with a friendly home screen where you can access the general tools and the Scan and Update buttons. In the Overview panel you can see which tools are currently active. If you hover your mouse on each tool you will see a short description in the lower side of the home screen. The upper area always displays the current protection status.

Scan Now - When clicking the 'Scan now' button the scanning process starts automatically and shows a progress bar with real time threats results. From this panel you can go to Additional scan settings and customize the scanning process.

Scan Options - The scanning options allow you to set whether AVG Internet Security should scan the whole computer at once or just specific files or folders. You may also perform an Anti-Rootkit scan from here. The Scheduled Scans feature will allow you to customize and schedule tasks at specific times, while choosing what and how to scan.

Anti Virus - The Anti Virus feature can be enabled or disabled from here. AVG Internet Security allows you to use a Resident Shield which will scan files for threats at the moment they are copied, opened or saved. From here you can also scan for tracking cookies and protect your computer when using Instant Messaging and P2P software.

Link Scanner - This feature allows you to customize how AVG should protect you from dangerous links while browsing the Internet. You can enable Search, Surf and Online shields which automatically detect incoming threats when you are online.

E-mail Protection - AVG Internet Security 2012 provides a thorough and customizable tool for protecting your inbox from SPAM or any unsafe content which might get in touch with your e-mail address. You can choose to let AVG scan incoming and outgoing messages, as well as enable the Anti-SPAM filter. In addition, from here you can access an online report to see how AVG has protected you.

Firewall - The Firewall panel displays a detailed status of the blocked and overall packets that went through your system since firewall activation. You may select from more Firewall profiles which let you either totally block or allow Internet access, but also enable Game mode. If you press the Regenerate Configuration button the Firewall settings will be set to standard protection rules.

PC Analyzer - Although AVG Internet Security is designed to protect you online, you can of course use the PC Analyzer component to scan your PC's overall performance. The categories covered are Registry Errors, Junk Files, Fragmentation and Broken Shortcuts.

PC Analyzer: Analyze now - Once you click the Analyze now button, AVG will quickly show the progress and results for each category by displaying the number of found errors and the severity level. But to fix the errors you will need to download AVG PC Tuneup and use the "fix once for free" option, only once.

Advanced Settings: Appearance - In what concerns the overall daily usage of AVG Internet Security you may easily customize when and what system tray notifications should be displayed. Also from here you can choose to enable Game mode when full screen applications are executed.

Advanced Settings: Scans - In the Scans drop down you will see detailed settings for Whole computer scan, but also for shell execution, specific files or folders and removable devices scanning. For the Whole computer scan settings you may define what extensions or media to include or exclude from scanning. A handy feature is the 'Adjust how quickly Scan completes' - this will let you allocate less or more system resources for scanning completion.

Advanced Settings: Anti-Spam - In the Anti-Spam settings panel you can set the aggressiveness of how AVG should decide whether e-mails should be taken as SPAM. Apart from telling AVG Internet Security what to do when detecting suspect e-mails, you can actually Train the Anti-Spam behavior by assigning your e-mail client as a source training set.

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