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BitDefender Internet Security 2019
Developed by: BitDefender
Ranked: 2nd
Overall rating:
Best price: $39.99

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Home screen - From this screen you can easily access the main Internet security panels, as well as enable or disable the Auto Pilot. You can also open the Settings panel or see if new events are active. In the left hand side you can always see Bitdefender's current protection status.

Antivirus drop down - For each Internet security area there is a drop down menu with specific actions and settings. From a total of 8 areas, you may quickly select which actions to run or what settings to adjust. Once you enter a sub-panel, you can always go back to the Home screen through a tiny button next to the Minimize one.

Scan Options - To configure the scanning options before performing a computer scan go to Antivirus > Custom Scan > Scan Options. Here you can set the depth of scanning, like Permissive, Normal, Aggressive or Custom and decide what scan operations the anti-virus should do and how it should act upon threats findings.

Network Details - In the Firewall area on Home screen you can turn the Firewall On or Off, but you can also view your current Network activity like incoming and outgoing traffic. If you're using multiple networks you can assign separate network types for each and you can also apply Stealth Mode and Generic values.

Parental Control: Web - For each user account you can configure the parental control level. Once turned On, you may set a bunch of control options like Web, Applications, Keywords, Instant Messaging or Categories. For the Web control you can block or allow websites or schedule when to block web access.

Parental Control: Categories - The Bitdefender category filter lets you individually allow or block various Website categories that you don't want a user to access.

Identity Rule Wizard - The Privacy Control panel allows you to add various data protection rules for private information like addresses, bank accounts, pin numbers, passwords or telephone numbers. Once you add a rule Bitdefender lets you choose which protocols to scan upon this rule or for which users to apply the rule.

Antivirus Shield - For the Antivirus panel you can configure Shield, Vulnerability, Exclusions and Quarantine options. In the Shield tab you may turn On or Off the on-access scanning and virus control, but you can also customize the depth of scanning permissions.

Antivirus Exclusions - The Exclusions tab is really useful when you want to prevent something from being automatically scanned at each system scan. It lets you activate and choose files, folders or file extensions, processes or devices which you want to exclude from being scanned.

Antispam Settings - The Antispam feature allows you to configure sensitivity levels and spam filters for the emails you receive while having Bitdefender active on your computer. Here you can block sensitive words or links, but also Asian and Cyrillic characters to reach your email inbox.

Parental Control: Accounts - For each user account you can define the Age range that will determine if certain websites are allowed or not, but also you can quickly enable or disable which Internet areas are going to be blocked by Bitdefender.

Firewall Settings - In this panel you can set the level of Intrusion Detection for malicious and 3rd party applications which try to access your system. You may also prevent unwanted Traffic usage by blocking connection sharing, port scans, log verbosity or Wi-Fi connections.

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