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BullGuard Internet Security 2019
Developed by: Bullguard
Ranked: 8th
Overall rating:
Best price: $59.95

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Home Screen - Bullguard opens with the protection status in the center of the main window. From here you can access the Run and Control Panel buttons in the upper side, but also the Settings panel in the lower left side.

Run - The Run panel lets you choose which scan type to perform on your system. It can be a Quick or a Full System Scan, but also a Backup or PC Tune Up process. For each of them Bullguard will perform a scan based on a preset depth.

Control Panel - In the Control Panel window you can customize settings for PC, Data and Family Protection, but also for the PC Tune Up feature. The PC Protection menu includes customizations for Antivirus, Firewall, Spamfilter and Vulnerabilities.

Antivirus: Profile - Bullguard Antivirus can be configured according to preset profiles which you can add, edit, delete or schedule. For each Profile you can see the Last scan date, duration, scheduled time and logs.

Profile: Settings - After choosing which hard drive components Bullguard should scan for a certain profile, when further configuring the Antivirus Profile you can assign it a name, an action for virus findings, file types to be scanned or file exclusions.

Firewall - For Firewall options you can configure Firewall Rules, Banned hosts and Network activity settings. The number of banned hosts and audited programs is shown directly on this screen, but you can configure them further if you enter their individual panels.

Firewall Rules - The Firewall settings can be thoroughly customized along four panels - Application rules, Advanced rules, Low level rules and ICMP rules. In the Application rules tab you can edit the existing firewall rules for the running applications. The automatic creation of firewall rules for known programs can be unchecked from here.

Spamfilter - Bullguard provides a spam filtering feature that can be configured upon a certain e-mail client that you are using. To prevent unwanted spam content reaching your inbox, you may additionally set certain e-mail contacts to go either in the black or the white list.

Parental Control - For each user who has a profile on the current system Bullguard will guide you to configure specific Parental Control rules. If you have no special profile for a child, you can create one from the shortcut provided in the panel. From the main Parental Control window you can thus edit and view the reports for each existing profile.

Parental Control: Select access - Once you enable Schedule Access you can customize the Access rule for each user. Bullguard can prevent a certain user from having access either to the Entire PC or just to Internet and it lets you customize weekly limits for Internet usage with the help of an intuitive graph.

Game Mode: Antivirus Settings - If you enable Game Mode, you can easily tell Bullguard which scanning activities it should run while you are playing a game. These settings will be in use once you activate the Game profile.

Settings - The main Settings panel which you can access straight from the Home screen are grouped in a couple of main categories like General, Real Time Antivirus, Firewall and others. In the General settings window you can customize the Startup, Password and Self Protection features, as well as the Notification level, Default general settings and Proxy connections settings.

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