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Developed by: ESET
Ranked: 4th
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Best price: $59.99

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Home Screen - From the home screen you can rapidly access ESET Smart Security's main panels like Computer scan, Update, Setup and Tools. Once opened you will see a notification about the system's current protection level - this will stay on in the upper right hand corner of the window. The frequently used features are also displayed on the home screen, so you can quickly access them without going through their parent panels.

Computer Scan - The Computer scan panel allows you to perform either a Smart scan or a Custom scan. Here you can also configure the Computer scan setup and see information about the last scan performed on your system, like date and time, scan results and virus signatures used.

Custom Scan - If you select a specific target to be scanned, a progress bar will show up together with real time threats results. You can stop or pause the scanning at any time. With the scanning action still running you can continue to browse through ESET Smart Security's panels, or choose from the available options on screen, like: New scan, Show scan with log in a new window or Enable shutdown after scan.

Setup - The Setup panel shows a brief status of enabled and disabled features organized in categories like Computer, Network, Web and mail and Parental control. You can easily change their settings from this screen, but you can also enter the Advanced setup mode. From the Setup panel you can also access Product activation and you can Import or export program settings.

Tools - ESET Smart Security comes with a variety of protection tools like Log files, Scheduler, Protection statistics, Quarantine and Watch activity, but also ESET SysInspector and Network connections. Two extra features are available in this panel: Submit file for analysis (which allows you to send a file for thorough analysis) and ESET SysRescue (for creating a rescue CD).

Scheduler - One of the main tools of ESET Smart Security is Task Scheduler, where you can add, edit and delete tasks which should be performed at specific times and with specific settings. Right clicking on each task will allow you to run it right away, while the Last run column will display the exact time when each task was last run.

Scheduler: Add task - Still in the Schedule panel, you can choose to add specific tasks to the list. These may be Running external applications, Logging maintenance, Creating computer status snapshots or performing a Computer scan. Once you've decided what type of task you want to schedule you will be prompted a window with timing settings.

Add task - ESET Smart Security also allows you to choose when a task should run if it couldn't be completed at the scheduled time for external reasons.

Scheduler: Add task - For every task you add you can assign a name and a frequency level and you can also disable running tasks if the computer is running on battery.

Watch activity - Another feature in the Tools panel is Watch activity. Here you can monitor the File system and the Network activity with the help of a sleek activity graph. To get a better view of the activity status you can customize the step level of the graph from 1 second to 1 hour.

Advanced setup: Computer - From the Setup panel you can access the Advanced Setup window. Here you can browse through very detailed protection settings for each security category. For example, in Computer > Antivirus and antispyware you may configure what media to scan, when to scan and whether to start real-time file system protection.

Advanced setup: Network - For the Network advanced settings you can choose IDS and advanced options like Allowed services, Intrusion detection, Packet inspection and Troubleshooting.

Parental control - The Parental control drop down allows you to assign Category and Exception usage for each user account. Here you may select from plenty of categories of sensitive content which a specific user should be prevented access to.

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