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Kaspersky Internet Security 2019
Developed by: Kaspersky labs
Ranked: 3rd
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Best price: $59.95

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Home Screen - Starting with a friendly home screen, Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 showcases its main tools in a horizontal green ribbon. The status of your computer's protection is shown along with quick facts about threat level and updates. From here you may also access the Reports and Settings panels, as well as your Kaspersky account page.

Extended Home Screen - For easier access you can extend the main menus in a "view all" mode by clicking the upper arrow

Scan - The Scan panel provides three scanning options: Full Scan, Vulnerability Scan and Critical Areas Scan. While you may set specific actions for these types of scanning, you can also drag folders, partitions or files directly inside the indicated frame for a custom scan of a particular item.

Custom Scan - Each scanning action appears as a Task Manager window. Once you've set the specific item to be scanned, you will see a progress bar with real time updates on found threats. Note that you can easily stop this at any point. More than one custom scan tasks can run simultaneously and you can quickly clear the list of previously scanned items.

Parental Control: User Account - The Parental Control panel lists a series of areas in which you can apply restrictions, for both Applications usage and Internet usage. Starting with User Account Settings where you can Enable control for the user, you can configure Internet, Web, Downloads, Instant Messaging and Social Networking control settings.

Parental Control: Application Usage - Once you check Enable control, you can add any installed application in the list and set whether to totally block it or to limit the time and frequency of its usage.

Internet Usage - With the help of a sleek selection tool you can visualize and configure the timeframe for limiting usage in certain days and certain hours. Apart from this there is also an option to limit the number of hours per day for Internet usage.

Web Browsing - To easily control which websites should be blocked for a certain user you can simply select them from a generous list or you may block all websites and add a list of exclusions.

Tools - Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 provides four promising tools like Rescue Disk, Windows Troubleshooting, Privacy Cleaner and Browser Configuration, each provided with easy step-by-step wizards that will guide you through a deep protection of your system.

Rescue Disk - This is a handy feature for those who wish to extend Kaspersky's protective tools on a bootable CD or USB flash drive in order to rescue a damaged computer which fails to launch properly. The wizard guides you through each step in doing this.

Privacy Cleaner - This tool helps you erase a user's activity traces like recent commands or accessed files, logs and private data, both locally on the system and in the web browser.

General Protection Settings - From the Protection Center you can make general settings like Interactive and Password protection or Autorun and Virtual keyboard. Additionally, you may configure the Anti-Virus for File, Mail, Web, IM usage, but also for Firewall, Network attacks, Spam and Banners.

File Anti-Virus - You can enable or disable File scanning and also decide what Security level Kaspersky should apply and what Actions it should perform on threat detection.

General Scan Settings - This panel allows you to set general options like scanning in the background, scanning removable devices or adding quick run shortcuts for scan tasks.

Full Scan Settings - From here you may set the Security level of the Full Scan, the Actions to run on threat detection and also the Run mode and Scan scope.

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