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McAfee Internet Security
Developed by: McAfee
Ranked: 9th
Overall rating:
Best price: $84.99

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Home Screen - Though it automatically starts as minimized in the System tray, McAfee Internet Security opens with a friendly home screen showing the current protection status and the main Features. The upper menu including Home and Navigation links stays always on while you browse through McAfee's panels.

Scan - In the Virus and Spyware Protection menu you can choose to Scan your PC either in a Quick, Full or Custom way. Clicking 'Learn more' will show you more details in the McAfee Help guide.

Quick Scan - Once you choose to run a Quick Scan you will see the loading animation and percentage of the scanning process. You can set McAfee to Scan in Background at any time or you may cancel the process. The Found and Fixed Issues are listed in the same window.

Anti-Spam - In the Web and Email Protection you can configure the Anti-Spam feature. Once turned on you may edit items like Spam Protection Levels, Anti-Spam Toolbar, Custom Filtering rules and Friend Lists. Each drop-down will open in the same window.

Email Processing - The Anti-Spam panel allows you to decide how McAfee should interact with potential spam content in your inbox and how it should label it. There are also other rules regarding size or notification options which you can configure.

Parental Control - From the main menu you can access the Parental Control panel where you may add settings for protecting each user account in the family. Once you have added at least one user you can always view Reports regarding the activity of that specific user.

Administrator Password - McAfee Parental Control allows password protection for the administrator so that other users cannot make changes to the existing rules. For security reasons, the password cannot be recovered if forgotten.

Website Filtering - For each user you can assign the categories of sites to be allowed and blocked. McAfee lets you choose from some preset age ranges, but you may also create a custom profile.

Website Filtering: Optional Settings - If you know specific websites which your child should or should not access, go to Optional Settings to add them manually. An interesting feature is the possibility to block websites that contain potentially inappropriate content from appearing in search results.

Online Schedule - In order to control when your child should have access to Internet you can define an online allowed time for each day of the week with the help of this timetable graph.

Navigation Center - From the upper menu in McAfee's main window you can go to Navigation Center. Here you'll see a full list of all McAfee Internet Security features, access Reports and Logs, but also McAfee Resources online.

Firewall - The Firewall settings range from Security Levels, Advanced Settings, History, Network Connections, Attack Detections and Net Guard. If not sure of what to configure, you can always restore the Default settings.

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