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Norton Security Deluxe
Developed by: Symantec
Ranked: 7th
Overall rating:
Best price: $69.99

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Home Screen - The sleek design of Norton Internet Security's home screen allows you to easily access the main functions and features, but it also gives you a quick status on the last scanning and update dates and results. You can find the main menus in the upper side - Settings, Performance, Feedback and Account, as well as the Support link.

Scan Facebook Wall - A feature that you may find useful is Scan Facebook Wall, which you can access right from the Home screen, along with the Computer Scan and Reputation Scan features. This will check your links and wall posts for potential malware infection. Once clicked, you will be directed to your Facebook profile page and you'll be asked to enable the app Norton Safe Web for a thorough check of your profile.

Quick Scan - Once you choose to perform a Quick Scan you will see the progress bar with a live Results Summary displayed below. For each type of scanning (be it Quick, Full or Custom) you may tell Norton Internet Security to either turn off your computer, go to sleep mode, hibernate or just stay on.

Edit Scan - For each scan type you can edit a lot of details, like the Scan name, the Items to be scanned, the Scan Schedule and Scan options. In the Scan Options panel you can enable or disable various options, like: compressed file scan, low risk items scan, tracking cookies or performance profiles. If you're unsure of what settings to use you can always click the Use Defaults link.

Advanced - In the Advanced panel from the Home screen you can access some protection categories for Computer, Network and Web. From here you can rapidly enable or disable features like Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall, Email Protection, Identity Safe, Intrusion Protection and others. You can also see here a status of your CPU usage and check what amount of your CPU Norton is using at any specific moment.

Norton Insight: Application Ratings - For each running application process on your computer Norton Insight will display a Trust Level. You can see from here which applications are considered Trusted, Good, Unproven or Poor, along with an intuitive graph showing trust level stats. Norton Insight will display the number of Total files assigned to running processes and allow you to check a specific file.

Identity Safe - In Settings > Web you can enable to secure your identity when being online. This way you can create a password for securing your personal data like address, logins, passwords and credit card numbers for the auto-fill forms that you regularly use. If you have a Norton Account you can sync the Identity Safe password with other computers.

Computer - In the Settings panel you can configure Computer, Network, Web and General settings. For the Computer ones there are AntiVirus and SONAR exclusions, Computer Scan, Real Time Protection and Updates settings. You may enable, disable and configure features like Antispyware and Auto-Protect, set the level of SONAR Protection and notifications or turn on or off Boot Time Protection.

Settings: Network - The Message protection panel in Settings > Network lets you choose which items Norton should pay attention for. With separate configuration panels for each, you can enable protection like Email Antivirus Scan, AntiSpam items and Instant Messenger Scan. Remaining in the Network panel, apart from the Message Protection settings you can also configure Intrusion Prevention, Network Security Settings and Smart Firewall.

Instant Messenger Scan - While you might find this feature unnecessary, a lot of untrusted content gets into your system through applications like Instant Messenger programs. Norton Internet Security is designed to scan through the IM programs you are using. You can enable this features for programs like Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, MSN or Trillian, but you can also add a different IM client to the list.

Advanced Settings - In the Advanced Settings panel you can customize detailed items. For example, the Smart Firewall provides a list of Firewall items which can be activated and configured. Among them you can find General Rules, Protocols, Ports or Traffic IP verification.

Norton Internet Security - From the Performance tab in Home screen you will be directed to the Internet Security Panel where you can see detailed graphs and statuses like System Insight, Norton Tasks, Application Ratings and Startup Manager. The graphics can be viewed on either a daily, weekly or monthly mode. This way you can check what recent system modifications have changed your computer's overall performance.

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