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Developed by: Trend Micro
Ranked: 6th
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Best price: $79.95

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Main Console - You can easily access the Tools, Scan, Settings and Reports buttons from the home screen. A Security Summary is displayed in the upper area, but also a Set up now shortcut for Parental Controls. In the right hand side there is a skin customization button.

Main Console Scan - Right from the homescreen you can choose which type of scanning to perform, be it Quick, Full or Custom. The main tools available from here are Parental Control, Data Theft Prevention and Rescue Disk.

Quick Scan - When running a Quick Scan your computer will be rapidly scanned and a progress bar will appear together with the potential number of threats found. You may choose to shut down the computer upon completion.

Scan Results - When the scanning is complete you will be prompted the results and see the number of resolved and not yet resolved threats, but also the number of Browser cookies that were deleted.

Select a Password - You can protect Trend Micro's Security Report with a password so that other users cannot access your reports. Enter Password protection, add and confirm your password and assign an e-mail address to ensure you can recover the password in case you forget it.

Parental Controls - In the Parental Controls panel there are 4 steps that will guide you through configuring the level of parental control for your child's user account. But you may set Parental control rules for the main user as well.

Website Filter Rules - Once you Enable website filter rules you can browse through preset categories of sensitive content which your child should or should not access, like Adult or Sexual content or Communications and Media tools.

Website Filter Rules - Trend Micro lets you assign an age range for your child in order to customize the sensitive content rules accordingly.

Parental Controls: Content categories - Other websites that can be blocked from the Parental Control panel are sites with Controversial content like Drugs, Crimes or Violence, but also Shopping and Entertainment sites with Gambling or Alcohol and Tobacco related content.

Time Limits - Parental Controls allow you to enable time limits. This way you can tell Trend Micro when your child should have access on the Internet throughout weekdays and weekends based on an hourly range.

Security Report - The Threats page shows you a detailed report about the threats types found on your computer and it displays a threat history graph with recent threat activity.

Protection Settings - In the Settings window you can configure a lot of items, from Virus and Spyware Controls to Exception Lists. For Scan Preferences you may enable or disable when Trend Micro should scan, what it should prevent or what level of suspicious behavior it should deny.

Scheduled Scans - In this panel you can customize when Trend Micro should perform computer scans and what type of scanning it should do.

Data Theft Prevention - There is important personal data that you may wish to protect when being online, like your e-mail address, phone number or credit card number. Once you enter them here, Trend Micro will protect this information from being stolen by spyware.

Exception Lists - If there are websites which be either blocked or trusted, you can add them to the list of Exceptions. Once a site is in marked as Blocked, no one can open it.

UI Skinning - Although Trend Micro comes in a red skin, if may pick a different skin or add your own background image instead. Access this panel directly from the Main Console's right hand upper corner.

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