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Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus
Developed by: Webroot
Ranked: 1st - Best buy
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Best price: $29.99

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Home Screen - After a first scan run by Webroot Secure Anywhere Essentials you will be prompted the "You are protected" message on the home screen. From here you can access the main features in the left column but also the most used functions like Virus and Threat Removal, Antivirus Shields, Firewall and Identity & Privacy.

PC Security - In the main PC Security panel you can access four tabs - Scan, Shields, Firewall and Quarantine. Here you may enable or disable the Real Time, Behavior, Core System and Web Threat shields and you can also edit the sensitivity of Heuristic Shields.

Scan - While running a standard scan of your system, Webroot Secure Anywhere will prompt a progress bar with the scanning percentage together with the number of scanned files and processes, found threats and time elapsed. You may cancel the scanning at any time.

Scan progress - At any moment you cancel the scanning process you will be prompted the Scan Results which will show you the number of scanned files and processes, the number of found and active threats and also the time elapsed for the last run scan.

PC Security: Quarantine - In case there are found threats on your system, Webroot will allow you to either view the Quarantine or Save the Threat Log without risking the security of your computer. You may also configure the way Webroot will detect files on your computer, as well as provide you access to additional Antimalware tools to assist you in removing the unwanted threats.

Identity & Privacy - From the main menu you can access the Identity & Privacy panel where you can disable or enable the Identity Shield. Here you can also set the Protected applications and Protected Websites rules that Webroot will consider while you browse online.

System Tools - The System Tools panel provides four main features like System Cleaner, System Control, Reports and Submit a File. In the System Cleaner tab you can perform a full Clean Up and also adjust the Settings, Applications and Secure file removal options.

System Cleaner Settings - Before performing a System Clean Up you may edit which items from your system should be included. This way you can check or uncheck items from Windows Desktop, Windows System, Applications, Internet Explorer and at the same time customize the Secure File Removal option.

System Tools: Submit a File - Webroot lets you send them a file that you consider to be infected, either if it's actually a threat or if it harms the functionality of your computer, but also if you are the author of that file and want to have that specific file to be reclassified.

System Tools: Reports - To keep track of your system scanning logs you may save them for further diagnostics. Webroot also provides access to statistics regarding your protection and, if you're an advanced user, you can access an audit log of all monitored executed code and look through the execution history.

Settings - The Webroot settings panel allows you to configure a large list of settings categories, from Basic Configuration, Self Protection and Access Control, to Shields and Importing/Exporting. For the Access Control panel you may enable Password Protection for using Webroot, so that other non-administrative users would not be able to perform scans, make changes to critical features or allow access to certain applications.

Protected Websites - While you may add sites to be allowed or denied in a different tab, here you can set the level of protection for specific sites and decide which items on that site you should be protected from.

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