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Review summary

Good points Tell Me More Italian review good points

• Fully comprehensive learning package

• Effective speech recognition tools

• Thousands of Italian exercises

• Choice of levels

Bad points Tell Me More Italian review bad points

• Difficult lessons for complete beginners

• Structure of the course is sometimes confusing

Our verdict

Tell Me More Italian is the complete package for Italian success and with its collection of listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises it helps you in all aspects of the language. Tell Me More Italian comes top of the class for a large number of reasons.

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Full review

The Tell Me More Italian course focuses on what the company calls a Communicative Approach methodology. Basically, this means you learn through repetition and interaction. Tell Me More is one of the better established companies in the language-learning market so you benefit from a professional and reliable approach. We checked out Tell Me More’s software offering to see what it has that other programs don’t.


Tell Me More Italian is suitable for most computers and operating systems. You receive a user name and password when you buy the software and setup is self-starting. Once you’re into the program there is a test to decide which level you start at. When you work through the course you complete two consecutive levels that range from the absolute beginner to the advanced learner – this is a benefit of the Tell Me More system as it caters for different levels of learning. If you know where you want to start, you can skip the test as it is quite long.

Another positive feature of Tell Me More is the preference you can set concerning your goals. Choosing your reasons for learning Italian and your expected outcomes are useful for tailoring the lessons closely to your needs.


Tell Me More really handles the basics well. All the Italian fundamentals are covered by the course, which includes language structures, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The course is divided into lessons. Each lesson is split into activities and they follow a set order so you can make sure you’re not missing anything out. The audio clips at the start of each lesson help your listening skills and your ability to understand Italian as it is spoken today.

There are many exercises to help you learn grammar rules, vocabulary and other essentials of the Italian language. Dictation exercises have you typing what you hear on screen, grammar games and puzzles help fix the rules and techniques you have learnt in your mind, and there’s plenty of opportunity to speak Italian.


In addition to the activities within the lessons, Tell Me More provides an extra Italian lesson each week which focuses on current news and views, plus video and games. There’s also a role-play game where you can take on the part of a TV character in a popular series.

You can check grammar, spelling and the meaning of any word you don’t understand, even when you are in the middle of an exercise. The Tell Me More program allows you to hover over a word which brings up a box with all the details – meaning, conjugation and pronunciation. If you want extra grammar there are special sections giving you explanations for the rules you are using in the exercises.


The Tell Me More speech recognition tool is one of the best aspects of this software. Tell Me More was one of the first companies to use speech recognition in its learning materials. The program assesses your Italian accent and based on the feedback you can improve your pronunciation ready to test your speaking skills in the online forum area.

Tell Me More offers more teaching tools than any other Italian-learning software program but you’ll probably find them a little repetitive and the value of some of the exercises is questionable. However, Tell Me More does give you many cultural lessons and interesting features based on everyday life, customs and culture in Italy.

You can also brush up your Italian when you’re on the move. The Tell Me More program is compatible with MP3 players and you can also create audio CDs to include exercises and activities.

Progress tracking

You can take Italian tests in the online testing area, a really useful aspect of the software. The results of your progress are shown in the My Statistics area, which tracks your results and shows you where you are in the course.

There’s also a progress chart and you can keep an Italian diary which helps you keep track of your progress and the areas where you need extra help.

Ease of use

There’s a great degree of flexibility involved in the Tell Me More Italian program, which makes it easy and effective to use no matter what your learning style is. You decide if you want to skip exercises to move onto something else, or have more practice on one particular aspect of the Italian language. If you want to, you can use the speech recognition tools exclusively. As you progress through the course you can use more tools to help your language skills grow.

The interface is mostly clear and straightforward although because there are so many different exercises to choose from, the course can seem a little confusing at first. Remember to check the instructions before you begin a new exercise as some are not self-explanatory.

Some of the beginners’ exercises are quite difficult, so the course is probably not suited to people with absolutely no knowledge of the Italian language.

Help & support

Tell Me More has an online chat function where you can get help all day and night. There’s also the opportunity to find assistance onscreen by clicking the help button for explanations and instructions.


Tell Me More offers a comprehensive collection of all the features you need to learn Italian. Buying the Tell Me More software package all but guarantees you have everything you need to get a good grounding in the Italian language, whether you are learning for a vacation, business trip or permanent move. Take advantage of the seven-day free demo to see if it’s something you can get into.

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