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MOG Review


This product has been dis-continued by Mog Inc.

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Review summary

Good points MOG review good points

• Great for discovering new music

• Unlimited song downloads to mobile devices

• Highly user-friendly

• Excellent radio stations

Bad points MOG review bad points

• Some reliability issues

• No free service after trial ends

Our verdict

MOG benefits from an inventive and highly addictive radio function as well as a slick interface and millions of songs to choose from. The audio is high quality, making this a service you may like to try.

Full review

MOG seeks to bring together free streaming online and on-demand listening on mobile devices. The site has expanded and grown quickly in its aim to take on Spotify and the other media sharing websites as the future of legal music sharing. However MOG, unfortunately, is currently only available in the United States.

MOG is the brainchild of David Hyman, former Gracenote CEO, and the music media company was founded in 2005 with the goal to “perfect your music-listening experience.” The site does seem more geared to real music fans than other music sharing sites, and the owners and developers are passionate about music. Does MOG live up to the expectations? We investigated this music sharing site to find out.

Sign up

One of the downsides of MOG? It’s not free. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial but after that there are no services available free of charge.

There is one basic membership subscription, which at the time of writing costs $5 per month, and with this you can access all the music on the site, enjoy unlimited streaming with no interruptions, and create and save libraries and playlists. For an extra subscription (also currently $5 per month) you can add on the mobile application which allows you to listen to any music from the site and download any track onto your iPhone, iPod, Android and now Roku for TV. The subscription service doesn’t have any ads and you can access MOG from any computer or device with an Internet connection.

Music selection

MOG blends the best of both worlds by providing an on-demand search function (you can search for and play whichever tracks you choose) as well as a radio function.

With around 11 million songs to choose from and a large selection of genres and artists, MOG has certainly got its bases covered. The search box lets you look through artists, titles and albums. If you want to discover new music, the radio function is very interesting. Radio stations can be artist-only, or you can listen to an unrestricted radio station that plays similar artists in an on-going queue. You can also add your own choices into the mix, a feature that works very well. Your stream of music never ends, as MOG generates new tracks as your selection of songs ends. A good addition to the regular selection of jukebox features is the ability to reorder the upcoming tracks or skip tracks with no limits.

The music player is a good-looking box with all the features attached that you need to listen and respond to the music. You can save the track, buy it, give it a thumbs up or down, link to Facebook or Twitter to comment, as well as play it. You can also access the lyrics and information on bands and artists.

MOG streams at 256 or 320 kbps, depending on the quality set by the record label, which is faster than many of its competitors.

If you decide you want to own a song, you can click on the Buy tab and download the track from Amazon for your personal use.


One of the best parts of MOG is the playlist function. Playlists are easy to create and you can also see and play hundreds of playlists created by other users and artists themselves. You can keep your playlists to yourself or share them with your friends. Your friends can play them for free.

There are plenty of opportunities to see which songs are most popular and which artists are currently being listened to by other users. Combined with the radio function, this makes MOG great for discovering new music styles, artists, and songs and re-discovering old favorites.

And if you want to expand your knowledge, every artist, album and song has a page giving you the background on the music. There are lyrics to over three million songs too.


Mobile – MOG lets you carry your music with you by listening to your tracks on your mobile device. When you create a playlist online you can download it to your phone. You can also search and browse through the MOG collection and play your selections.

Social networking capabilities – MOG doesn’t have quite the social side to it as Grooveshark or the prestige of Spotify, but you can link with social networking sites to share your music and find out what other people are listening to. Sharing playlists is the way this happens so it’s not as advanced as other sites.

Ease of use

The MOG interface is great-looking, and is similar to an iTunes-type interface with additional editorial. It seems like it is aimed at serious music lovers, with a lot of information to look at but it is generally very easy to navigate.

Searching is slick and simple in MOG. When you search for an artist drop-down menus appear with all the albums and tracks available and you can click play straight from the search box.

Some users speak of unreliable performance, with the search function sometimes not returning results as it should. But the streaming speed is fast and there aren’t any problems with the listening experience.

Help & support

MOG puts most emphasis on the FAQs, and the discussion area, for solving any problems you may have with the service. You can also log in and update your account, or submit an issue if you are really stuck.


MOG is working hard to become a credible competitor to the leaders and it does compete – the site is interesting, fun and easy to use and offers a wide selection of music to enjoy.

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