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An Autumn Launch for the iPhone 5

The new iPhone may come as early as 7th August 2012.

16 July 2012 | Category: Electronics

It seems almost clear that the iPhone 5 is coming out this Autumn, with dozens of reports stating that the launch is soon.

We don’t know a certain date, although some have said it come as early as the 7th of August – others say it will be later than this date though, to fit with the iPhone 4S dates.

If the iPhone 5 comes out September/October time, it will coincide with Apple’s conference and the first time Tim Cook does a keynote speech. We expect his talk to be on the iPhone 5.

A report came in from a Japanese blog named “Macotakara”, the report was that the phone was in full production and likely heading for an Autumn launch – the blog is seen as a reliable source after successfully reporting the iPad 3 was in full production, two months before it came out.

Another report shows an image of the new iPhone against the 4S, showing the iPhone 5 as a thinner and larger phone with a larger screen. Other features on the iPhone 5 may be the A6 processor chip and a 12-megapixel camera. The iPhone 5 is also expected to run i.OS6.

Because of the masses of reports and rumours that all speculate an Autumn launch, we cannot deny that it does seem legit, whether it comes out early August or late November, we cannot say.

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