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Facebook apologizes for facial recognition feature

13 June 2011 | Category: Online

The social networking website has again got in trouble with its users for its privacy policy.

The Facebook has issued an apology for auto-enabling a new facial recognition technology on its website. The technology recognizes faces in user uploaded photos and allows that user to tag the photo with the names of those appearing in the picture.

Facebook has defended the technology, saying that this program does not automatically tag the photos, but compels the uploader to tag the photo on his or her own once a face has been recognized. The company has apologized, however, for not giving users more notice that the technology was becoming available.

One concern comes from users who may be tagged in compromising photographs that they had perhaps not intended to be seen on the internet. Another worry comes from users who may simply want a more private experience on Facebook.

While the facial recognition program is easy to disable within a user account, many users are simply upset that they were not forewarned about the technology, which has been available in the US since December 2010, but was only recently launched on the global level.

This is not the first time the controversy-ridden media giant Facebook has gone on the defensive over the privacy of its users.

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