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Facebook facial recognition technology took away from EU

Automatic photo tagging already unavailable to new users.

22 September 2012 | Category: Online

Facebook recently added the facial recognition technology to allow people to tag others in photos by recognition of their face.

Billy Hawkes, leader of the initial investigation, found that Facebook’s technologies had pushed the boundaries and that this new technology was deemed a threat to privacy.

Even though Facebook has the motto of trying to create a better social network, they were forced by the fine of up to £80,000 if they didn’t comply with the EU, and switched off facial recognition technology in the EU.

The Irish Data Protection group were heading this investigation and Facebook are apparently working with them to ensure ways for safe and secure social networking.

Facebook won’t be that disappointing with this assessment of their new technology, as it doesn’t make any revenue for them, but it may push away other ideas that the social networking company has for the EU in the future.

The facial recognition technology will still be available in other areas outside the EU, and no other area has taken action yet.

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